Japanese Twist@ Kampai

Mr. Niladri Sarkar

Q 1. Who and What inspired you to become a mixologist?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- In my training days I got the first opportunity to observe the bartenders. I was really amazed it was always motivate me I was obsessed with their passion and dedication towards the work, how they create their cocktails, how they play with the flavours of ingredients & slowly it became my passion also.

Q 2. What is your No.1 tip for every home blender?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- Whenever someone ask me what the things to keep in mind while making cocktails at home I always suggest them to keep the cocktails simple and well balanced with rightly chosen ingredients. Most important before serving taste your cocktail and check the flavour profile.

Q3. What would you say is the spirit of the moment?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- As per me it’s Gin. Nowadays gin is trending and it is very popular among the consumer. Every bar nowadays keep a nice collection of gin. It also works as a very nice base spirit for cocktails

Q4. What are you aiming for conceptually with Kampai?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- In Kampai we always believe in experiment, innovation, I am planning to do a lot experiment with Japanese local ingredients with some global twist and which will be exciting for our consumer. In other sentence I am going to work on how we can use Japanese local product to give a twist to our cocktails & mixed drinks & make it more exciting. 

Q5. What are the “must-have” at Kampai?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:-

1.Yuzu Sanso sour

 2. Ginza mist

 3. Tokyo Spitzer

  4. Nippon Shoku

    5. Osaka mule

Q6.  How do you avoid serving to minors?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- If I have any doubt about the age of the guest I always ask for his/her age proof. We also mention the legal drinking age and make them understand

Q7.  Share with us any of the funny incidents happened in your bar?

Mr. Niladri Sarkar:- A guest order a virgin Mary for him after having couple of virgin Mary  he came to the bar counter and request please put lesser amount of vodka it is harsh for him.