Juhu opens its door to the Middle East with Bayroute’s latest outlet


4th March, Mumbai: Nestled pretty on the coast off the Arabian Sea, is Bayroute – the magical Middle-Eastern fine dine that opened in Juhu after its successful maiden Cuffe Parade and Powai. Its charming old-world exteriors don’t prepare you for the modern, minimalistic space once you enter.

The distinctly conceptualized space is designed to lend authenticity, warmth and a touch of elegance to the overall mood. The gorgeous centerpiece hanging lamps light up the place in a dreamy hue, transporting you to the bright Middle-Eastern days. The thoughtful and stylish circular seating is perfect for the community experience that dining is. The chic high-back chairs, enveloped in the most luxurious upholstery, parallel your most exquisite global luxury outing. The floors are adorned with classy tiles, straight from a style book, lending a sense of expanse to the dining area. Middle-Eastern motifs are delicately carved on wall murals and imprinted on the carefully designed seating spaces – reminding you of the world-class Middle Eastern artisans, who have curated some of the world’s biggest architectural landmarks. The statement bar is as contemporary as it is traditional, transporting you to exotic Mediterranean watering holes that have welcomed travelers and gourmands for centuries.

Celebrating the gastronomical legacy of one of the richest and most ancient civilisations of the world, Bayroute brings alive a cuisine that’s as flavourful as it’s delicious. From Baharatli Hummus (Tunisian spicy chilli pepper-infused hummus); Koshari (National dish of Egypt); Quwarmah(Kuwaiti curried chicken); ArniArnaki (Butter-braised lambs shanks) and Mint Chocolate and Greek Yogurt Popsicles(Chocolate-dunked mint and strained yogurt popsicle), to Quinoa Tabbouleh and Shorbetssuch as Lebanon Lentil and Shorba Manti; legendary main courses such as Fatteh, Koshari, and Rotisserie Chicken and mind-numbing choices in exotic desserts like Gold SoukandJannat-e-Eadn– there’s nothing that prepares you for the celebration of food that Bayroute is! Add to it an impressive wine list, house-special cocktails such as Desert Storm, Drink Like an Egyptian and Turkish Express, and you’ve got your next favourite hangout right there!

Prepared with authentic ingredients sourced right from the souks of Middle East, the food at Bayroute is as genuine as it comes. The subtle class of the specially customised rose-gold cutlery heightens the flavours ofkebabs and other gems from the region.

Mr. Arjun Raj Kher, Brand Head – Bayroute said, “With great excitement, we bring Bayroute to Juhu, after long months of requests from our patrons who live in the suburbs. With the stunning location, coupled with our strong patronage here, we are sure that Bayroute will thrive in its new home. The ringing successes of our Cuffe Parade and Powai outlets have encouraged us to dream big and move forward with gusto. There’s a huge dearth of authentic Middle Eastern fine dining options in the area and we can’t wait for all gourmands to dive right in!”

So, get your gang together and head Juhu’s coolest spot. You’d be pardoned for believing you’re dining in one of the charming old streets in the Middle East!