Just follow your heart and create your moves with passion- Mandeep


Q1. Provide an example when your ethics were tested?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– There was a regular couple visited our bar at the time when we were just about to close, they asked for a bottle of champagne. I denied them since we were not having the license of serving liquor post 1 A.M so they offered cash and tried to bribe so I can bill that next day. But I politely denied because that was against the company policy and suggest them our another outlet which was having 24hr liquor serving license.

Q2. In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– Inspiration, education, trust, individual development and empathy

Q3. Tell us about a drink recipe you recently created?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– The drink is called THE ACE. It’s one of our signature cocktails. It has shot of bourbon with homemade fig syrup, lime and Isley whiskey on the top. 

Q4. What inspired you to make your future in Bartending?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– Beverage industry is history and has various impacts on human living during ancient time. The change in drink and human drinking behavior that came with time is always inspired me to learn more and get known to as many people I can. With a bartending career, I meet people, learn about their taste, personality, sensory their like and much more. This thing helps me to craft something that can leave an impact on someone’s life experience. Bartending is something that let me knows the spirits and people which is always motivating also makes me think futuristic in people drinking crafts. 

Q5. How was your experience in Taj City Centre Gurugram? 

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– Tease at Taj Vivanta a high energy business bar with a great spirit collection, new world cocktails designed by one of the best flair bartender & mixologist in world Atilla Iskifoglu. European wine menu and great food from Thai Pavilion left a great spark in life. Moreover, my manager Piyush team member Deepak Koranga Bacardi cocktail winner and Ashish was great fun learning to be with. I worked behind and in front of the bar with a small team where we managed to do various high energy Dj house parties, the new cocktail menu on every alternative month. Overall it was a full pack experience working in Taj property and hosting some big spark events at the bar. Moreover, my first bar experience, cocktail completion and flair inspiration started from Tease which will always be a remembrance and a great stepping stone of my life.  

Q6. Share with us any of the really funny incidents happened in your bar?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– It was my second day at the bar and my fellow bartender was coming little late, a guest came and placed an order for one of our signature cocktails. It was my second day in the bar and I was not aware of how to make that cocktail. Somehow I managed to make something with the same ingredients and served the same. The guest came back in the evening with few friends and placed the order for the same drink. My colleague made an authentic drink and served. The guest complaint to the manager about the drinks by saying this is not what I had in the afternoon, ask the same guy to make my drink. The manager came to me asked me to make the drinks, I politely said sir, I don’t remember what I all I have mixed in the afternoon and in what quantity.

Q7. Tell us about any flaring techniques?

Mr. Rao Mandeep :– Just follow your heart and create your moves with passion, don’t be scared of dropping the bottles, pick it up and do it again. If you really love flair you will be one of the best sooner or later.

1. Try to get 10 out of 10 from your moves.

2. Count our drops.

3. Callange yourself.