JW Marriott Kolkata Unveils the Swankiest New Bar: 2:Fifty9


Kolkata, 18th June 2024 – JW Marriott Kolkata proudly announces the grand opening of its latest luxurious addition, Bar 2:Fighty9. This new venue promises to be where sophistication meets nightlife, creating an extraordinary experience for all guests.

Bar 2:Fighty9 is designed to be the ultimate destination for unwinding after a glamorous evening or igniting nocturnal adventures. The bar boasts an ambience that seamlessly transitions from chic daytime elegance to stylish nighttime allure, featuring a sophisticated palette of hues such as Sienna, forestry, midnight ocean, peat brown, antique brown, rich reward, and super silver.

Our signature cocktails are a testament to our commitment to creativity and craftsmanship, offering a delightful array of flavors that are sure to intrigue and satisfy. Guests can indulge in unique creations like:

Oh My Ghee: A rich and creamy concoction inspired by traditional Indian flavors, The Living Thai: A vibrant and refreshing cocktail with exotic Thai influences, RSVP: An elegant and playful drink, perfect for any celebration, Taxi Queen: A bold and spirited mix that captures the essence of urban life.

At Bar 2:Fighty9, good times are served, and camaraderie is formed. The stylish interiors and meticulously crafted drinks ensure that every moment until closing time is cherished. In addition to the bar’s regular offerings, we are thrilled to host a special takeover by Pune’s renowned bar, Cobbler & Crew, recognized as one of the 30 best bars. This takeover, happening in June, will transform Bar 2:Fighty9 into a listening bar on Fridays, enhancing the nightlife experience with curated music and a vibrant atmosphere.

Bar 2:Fighty9 stands out as a premier destination, staying open late into the night, providing Kolkata with a venue where luxury, style, and nightlife converge.

Join us at JW Marriott Kolkata’s Bar 2:Fighty9 and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and nocturnal elegance.