Kadamba Single-malt adjudged ‘Spirit of Choice’ by Planet’s most influential Tastemakers


Goa’s famous, India’s pride and World-known Kadamba Single-malt whisky bags top honors at New York–John Barleycorn Awards competition and adjudged as a well-crafted product deserving recognition: Spirit of Choice amongst the planet’s most influential tastemakers.

The John Barleycorn Awards are judged by experts, including whiskey critics, authors, and scholars, who evaluate the spirits based on a blind tasting and a rigorous scoring system. The awards are announced culminating in “Best of 2024” that pits the winners against each other worldwide.

“We’re honored to receive these accolades from the John Barleycorn Awards, which are highly respected in the spirits industry,”

Dr. Mohan Krishna founder of Cheers group

“We are grateful to our customers, distributors and supporters who have helped us grow and achieve this recognition”

Ashwin Balivada CEO of Cheers group.

A Masterpiece in a Bottle: a perfect case in point is Kadamba Single-malt whisky. Building on the triumphs and elevating the legacy of Kadamba dynasty rule termed as Golden age of Goa. Kadamba Single-malt has pioneered and ushered in a new era in whisky making, redefining excellence, raising the bar, and transforming the ultra-premium whisky sector with its very high standards.

The global branded business valuation and strategy consultancy firms put emerging world’s top brands to the valuation test. They evaluate to determine which are the most powerful and the most valuable by country, by industry. Cheers group with over 100 brands in it’s portfolio and climbing up the ranks with ultra-premium brands like Kadamba Single-malt, Three Monkeys Single-malt, Labrodog premium Scotch whiskies with double digit growth are valued at around INR 600 crores.

Acquisition, partnership with high-growth potential brands is the latest in a series of successful deals illustrating many Global giant’s active portfolio management strategic plan “Transform & Accelerate” are vying to pickup stake in India’s fast-growing luxury spirits conglomerate–Cheers group having award-winning portfolio of world-class brands.

“Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with International brands, Kadamba Single-malt whisky has also risen to prominence in its own right, making a significant impact and earning its own place of honour at the John Barleycorn Awards”

Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director of Cheers group

“Kadamba Single-malt whisky has bagged many world laurels in the recent past and we’re thrilled to be the driving force in the re-emergence of Indian Single-malt whisky’s global prominence– the future of ultra-premium whisky is a responsibility we embrace with great pride”

Ashwin Balivada CEO of Cheers group.