Kamat Hotels India Limited Leads Maharashtra’s Green Revolution on Recycling Day


Celebrating Global Recycling Day with IRA By Orchid Nashik, Fort JadhavGadh, and The Orchid Hotel Pune. The three esteemed establishments in Maharashtra proudly unveiled their latest eco-friendly initiatives, showcasing a collective commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Maharashtra: At Kamat Hotels India (KHIL), Sustainability is more than just a buzzword – It’s a way of life. In a remarkable display of creativity and environmental responsibility, discarded plastic bottles and used coconut shells were transformed into stunning vases for plantation purposes to mark Global Recycling Day at IRA By Orchid Nashik. These thoughtful creations not only reduce waste but also serve as a striking addition to any green space.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Fort JadhavGadh has also been taking a multitude of eco-conscious initiatives. Here, plastic bottles find new life as charming bird feeders and elegant vases, while rubber tires provide quirky yet comfortable seating for employees. Vibrant wall murals spread messages of sustainability, and biryani pots have been transformed into bird water feeders, adding rustic charm to the surroundings. Creatively crafted hanging wall lamps illuminate spaces with warmth and style, all while promoting environmental consciousness.

And at The Orchid Hotel Pune, the team is focused on creating beneficial solutions for both the environment and its inhabitants. Ingeniously repurposing plastic bottles and used coconut shells into delightful bird feeders, the hotel provides nourishment for feathered friends while serving as a visual reminder of the importance of recycling and conservation.

“As we celebrate Global Recycling Day, let’s unite in appreciation of the beauty of nature and the power of recycling. Through sustainable practices and innovative initiatives, we can pave the way for a brighter, greener future for all. Join us in spreading the message of sustainability and making a difference one recycled creation at a time,”

Ayon Bhattacharya, VP, West, KHIL