Kamats Restaurant focusing on providing clean washrooms for all highway commuters for the last ten years


“Clean washrooms are one of the most essential amenities on the highways,” says Dr. Vikram Kamat, the chairman of the Vitskamats Group

World Toilet Day is not a much celebrated day, but has a lot of importance and should be spoken about. While our country is developing at a rapid pace when it comes to having clean washrooms in the rural parts of the city, is a very difficult find. To tackle this issue, In a recent video on Instagram, on the occasion of world toilet day, Dr. Vikram Kamat, the chairman of the Vitskamat Group shares the importance of hygienic washrooms and how his entire franchise spread across the highways is diligently working towards maintaining the washrooms for all travelers. 

He mentioned that he along with his team has taken extra measures to ensure that clean and hygienic washrooms are maintained at all their outlets to make the journey of people who travel by road a comfortable one. He has also shared a video of one of his outlets which are located between the Mumbai-Kolhapur highway where we can evidently see how the cleanliness of the washroom is maintained. Small initiatives like these make it possible for our country to encourage more people to use the roadways and supporting not only the economy of the small cities but also support the locals with employment and income opportunities. 

Video Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/ClJKCTZM26g/