Kedarnath will be a dark tourism destination in the coming days…


HospiBuz Desk

One of the most sacred Char Dhams (set of four pilgrimage sites) KEDARNATH, will very soon be known for dark tourism destination too. The Uttarakhand Government is aiming to promote this admired spot on the lines of 9/11 memorial and Ground Zero in New York, and some other similar sites in France, Italy, Czech Republic and Ukraine. To promote this site as “dark tourism site”, tourists will be travelling to places that were particularly affected and damaged during the Himalayan Disaster of 2013. Recently, the Uttarakhand’s state tourism and cultural minister Satpal Maharaj has announced about this development and he had also mentioned that a “Smriti Van” (memorial forest) will also be developed for the tourists, which will have entire details of all those people who had lost their lives during the disastrous Kedarnath flood in 2013. He also said that this memorial will be important for the Uttarakhand state and people visiting Kedarnath as it will explain to people everything about the tragedy. 

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Minister Satpal Maharaj also stated that the government will also be signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government of Mauritius to promote tourism between the two regions. This decision was made after the High Commissioner of Mauritius to India; Jagdish Govardhan visited the Char Dham earlier this month with Satpal Maharaj. 

Minister Satpal Maharaj also added that the state government of Uttarakhand will also offer a discount of 50% to tourists of Mauritius during the offseason and they will also offer a discount of 30% during the peak season. The state government is also planning to start direct flights from places like New York and London, to make Char Dham Yatra more easily accessible for foreign tourists.