Keventers no longer as good as it used to be: HC judge


Keventers no longer as good as it used to be: HC judgeSuper Milk Products Pvt Ltd, which in 2015 re-launched the Keventers brand of milk products, came in for a shock recently when a Delhi High Court judge remarked that the popular milkshake brand was “no longer as good as it used to be” before closing down in 1970. Super Milk was in court against one of its licensees which was allegedly selling sub-standard milk products under the Keventers brand name.

During the hearing, Justice J R Midha told the lawyers for the company that “Keventers was no longer as good as it used to be”.

“Your products are not at all fit for consumption,” the judge said and added “you change your own product”.

When the company’s lawyers jokingly responded that the judge may have bought products sold by the allegedly defaulting licensee, Justice Midha said that he had the same experience “at several outlets”.

The court also declined to grant any interim injunction against the franchisee restraining it from selling milk products under the Keventers name and asked both sides to instead go for mediation to resolve the dispute between them.

The court said it was not granting an interim injunction without completion of pleadings, a procedure wherein documents and evidence submitted by both sides in the case are examined and admitted or denied before the matter is put up for hearing.

The judge asked both sides to “make a serious endeavour to solve the issue through mediation”.

Super Milk, in its plea, has accused its licensee — Prime Interglobe Pvt Ltd — of selling allegedly products that were a “health hazard” without the approval of the food safety authority, FSSAI.

The licensee contended that it had made substantial investment into its outlet and denied the allegations made against it.

Super Milk’s lawyers, during the hearing, also told the court that the company was not going to give its ingredients to the licensee and sought its directions to Prime Interglobe not to sell the milk products under the Keventers brand name.

The court, however, declined to pass any such order and listed the matter for further hearing on July 2.