La Folie Represents Artisanal Indian Chocolate Making on a Global Platform


Chef Sanjana Patel’s ‘real’ chocolate brand exhibits at the Craft Chocolate Experience Exhibition, San Francisco

Taste, learn, shop. Chef Sanjana Patel’s La Folie brand, that recently began crafting its own small-batch artisanal chocolate last year, just exhibited their finest origin bean to bar chocolate at one of the world’s most prestigious chocolate exhibitions, Craft Chocolate Experience, in San Francisco. The exhibition saw craft chocolate artisans from around the world, including some of the biggest names in chocolate. Situated in the Bay Area of California, the Craft Chocolate Experience is considered an amazing marketplace with dozens of exhibitors sampling and selling their craft chocolate creations. 

Over the course of three days, from March 6-8, 2020 chocolate tasters, makers and enthusiasts came together at the Palace of Fine Arts to sample a variety of chocolates, including the finest single origin and inclusion bars, shopped for their favourites, and attended demonstrations & lectures by respected industry experts. 

Among the participating chocolate makers, Chef and chocolatier Sanjana Patel of La Folie showcased her range of handcrafted chocolates, including new flavours like a 70% Silk Route, a full bloom affair of rose petals, hibiscus, cardamom, pepper and pistachio paired with single-origin Guatemalan cacao; a 65% Green Mango and Naga Chilli bar; and a smooth 75% Cask-aged chocolate, made by ageing cacao beans in  Amrut’s Indian single malt whiskey cask, the result of which is bold, intricate lingering notes of oak, blood orange and dark molasses paired with Indian Malabar forest cacao. Additionally, La Folie also exhibited their Indian origin artisan chocolate made using ethically-sourced cacao from the Idukki Hills and Malabar Forest region of Kerala. They also exhibited their best-selling flavours including the 72% Smoked Pink Himalayan Salt bar; 55% Spiced Tea Latte; 70% Mulled Wine bar, and their limited-edition, Love is Love box with a set of six lip-shaped chocolates in various flavours, designed to celebrate the spirit of inclusivity.