Lexicon IHM Launched its First Recipe Book, ‘Kitchen Tales,’ Commemorating the 49th International Women’s Day with 49 Recipes


Lexicon IHM, a prestigious hotel management institute based in Pune, proudly launched its first-ever recipe book, ‘Kitchen Tales: Recipes Wrapped in Warm Memories.’ In commemoration of the 49th International Women’s Day, this landmark publication features a curated collection of 49 heartwarming dishes, ceremoniously launched by Mr. S.D. Sharma, Chairman, The Lexicon Group.

Mr. S.D. Sharma, remarked, “‘Kitchen’ Tales is a treasure trove of memories woven with love, legacy, and the magic of food. It offers a glimpse into the hearts and kitchens of past generations, preserving the culinary traditions that bind us together.”

Lexicon IHM firmly believes that food is the main ingredient of hospitality—it serves as a bridge that connects cultures and fosters unforgettable experiences. The initiative of ‘Kitchen Tales’ ignites a passion for culinary exploration, inspiring new stories for generations to come. Ms. Farheen Belgaumwala, Certified Happiness Coach, Asst. Professor, Lexicon MILE and Learning & CSR Ambassador, Lexicon IHM, led the conceptualization of ‘Kitchen Tales’. 

‘Kitchen Tales’ transcends the boundaries of a conventional cookbook; it serves as a captivating time machine, transporting readers on a journey adorned with flavorful recollections, cultural heritage, and stories passed down through generations. With a collection of 49 recipes, it seamlessly combines modern cooking with traditional flavors, providing a diverse and balanced culinary experience for individuals and families. Each dish celebrates the rich heritage, offering healthy and delicious recipes for every palate.

“Kitchen Tales is a collection of culinary tales—a story, a memory, a moment frozen in time—waiting to be revisited with each recipe. It signifies the transformative power of storytelling through food.” He also announced that “Following the resounding success of ‘Kitchen Tales’ Volume 1, we will present Volume 2 in celebration of Mother’s Day and Volume 3 showcasing culinary art from around the globe, underscoring Lexicon IHM’s commitment to culinary excellence and cultural exploration.”

Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, & EasyRecruit

Every recipe within ‘Kitchen Tales’ is infused with personal narratives, bringing a unique warmth and making it a passage into the heart of food lovers. Through its pages, readers experience a poignant journey of nostalgia, rediscovering the traditions that continue to shape their lives. 

‘Kitchen Tales’ reflects Lexicon IHM’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of hoteliers who understand the significant impact of food on human connections and the importance of preserving culinary traditions. The initiative will continue to inspire a passion for culinary excellence and cultural appreciation among aspiring hospitality professionals.