Lexicon IHM organized a Healthy Lunchbox Workshop for school and college teachers


Pune, 16th September, 2022: In their everyday hustle to maintain balance in their personal and professional lives, and caring for their loved ones, often working women professionals pay very little attention to their health. Though they manage to eat some healthy snacks and lunch consisting of food available at home, not enough emphasis is put on identifying and fulfilling the nutritional requirements of their bodies. A balanced diet is crucial, but as many studies have shown, women’s dietary needs differ from men’s in some aspects, so a generic diet may not be enough. Women must focus on understanding their dietary requirements and invest time in planning meals to meet their nutritional needs.

To support working women in the field of education, the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management conducted the Healthy Lunchbox Workshop for school and college teachers on the 15th of September 2022. During the workshop, Chef Dr. Chaitanya Kumar, HOD of Food Production at the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, shared insights on utilizing various food grains and ingredients to create quick and healthy meals focusing on women’s health needs. The chef shared some healthy lunchbox recipes like Buddha Bowl, Grilled Veg Marinara Pasta, Chipotle Chicken Quinoa and Keto Pizza to help the participants get started with their health journey. The workshop aimed to create awareness and encourage women to be conscious of the body’s nutritive and health requirements. It highlighted the need to identify and use nutrient-rich foods, how to develop well-planned meals and their benefits in the long run. Chef Chaitanya also elaborated on how appropriate nutrition contributes to women’s everyday health and and ensures professional productivity.

“It is truly commendable how women skillfully manage their everyday professional and personal lives. While they care for everyone else, we at the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management wanted to do our bit by supporting and empowering them to take care of their health with nutritious and tasty food. The recipes and ingredients shared with the audience during the workshop were carefully selected by Chef Dr. Chaitanya Kumar to meet women’s specific nutritional requirements.”

Mr. Gladvin Rego, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

As improper nutrition is also known to contribute to physical and mental stress and influence the ability of the individual to cope with stress, women should be conscious of their food choices. Various ailments women face, such as hormonal imbalance, weak bones, and anemia, which have long-lasting implications, arise from a deficiency or inadequate intake of essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium, etc. So, a diet rich in these nutrients is a must for women.