Living Liquidz introduces MANSIONZ a new lifestyle concept bungalow where one can wine, dine and have a great time!


Mumbai, 12 December – Want to spend your day in a luxury lifestyle experiential bungalow starting out with a cuppa coffee followed by a delectable Asian meal and concluding with a decadent drink at a world class tasting room where an expert can guide you on a fine wine or a fabulous cocktail? Well now you can – only at the exclusive Mansionz by Living Liquidz at Lower Parel, positioned aptly right next to Kamala Mills. Mansionz by Living Liquidz is a bungalow wherein there is an American Brasserie, a popular oriental cafe and Dimsum haven which launches in Mumbai, a Speakeasy bar complete with a luxury Living Liquidz store and a Tasting Room.

Designed by Sumessh Menon, Mansionz by Living Liquidz, just outside of the Lodha World One in Lower Parel is an iconic standalone multi-level mansion having a hard-to-miss, larger than life facade of timelessly classic arches with a modern touch of corten steel finish. The Liquor Lounge particularly is a one-of-a-kind liquor lounge that has stylishly seductive interiors. Backlit granite and terrazzo flooring with brass inlay sweeps across the entire lounge and the beautiful vaulted ceilings have a woven acoustic cladding with visually appealing terracotta blocks that lends a warmth to the aura of the space. A striking courtyard area and a double height sweeping staircase that leads to the tasting room only add to the grandeur of this uniquely indulging lounge space conceptualised by Menon that is sure to be the city’s newest “high” design. Welcome exclusive international alcohol and beverages housed in Mansionz by Living Liquidz, a space dedicated to giving Mumbai peeps a new space for some great food and drinks in every category from wine to beer and fine spirits.

“Since I started working in the wine and spirits industry from a very young age, I was always thrilled to share my passion for specific products or categories over tasting events with close and new friends. Meanwhile I am also a food enthusiast who believes that a delicious dish paired with the right wine or spirit can create unique flavors, elevate the senses, and offer an amazing experience. Hence the idea of The Tasting Room and Mansionz was born – to offer people a space where there can be a greater appreciation for beverages and a deeper understanding of the same,” says Moksh S. Sani, Managing Director of Living Liquidz.

Sample the best of spirits in Mansionz- Living Liquid’s newest Tasting Room. While you can also purchase a bottle to take home to enjoy at your leisure, the Living Liquidz Tasting Room was designed to represent the soul of the society—warm and welcoming, but out of sorts and charmingly unusual. The Tasting Room spells luxury and transports us to the New York style tasting rooms where one can sample a few whiskeys and gins before settling on the one you want to drink there itself or take home. The friendly sommeliers and bartenders take you through the art and science that went into the creation of the fine spirits you are imbibing and offer you pairings and variations based on your preference or simply pour you another sample if you’d prefer.

“We wanted to make going to the liquor store or having a tasting a more experiential affair – from well-suited sommeliers and hostesses with knowledge of pairings providing suggestions on tastings based on your preference in a beautiful bungalow with the right kind of ambience, we are offering a world class experience for Mumbaikars,” quoted Moksh.

The concept behind Mansionz by Living Liquidz is to marry the culinary experience with a great beverage pairing and the only way to accomplish that is to allow one to sample many and settle on the one they want to go with. However, there is more – the Tasting Room doubles up as a luxury gift store. If one wishes to pick up a bottle to gift someone, there is a florist on board who will present you with floral options as an accompaniment. Not a floral person? No worries, there will be cheese platters and candles you can select from to compliment that insatiable bottle of wine or whisky you purchased. Want something even more personalized? No worries, get your bottle engraved with your friend’s names and gift them a memory they will cherish forever!

“Mansionz is without doubt the most modern luxury liquor platform in India at this time, with individual areas dedicated to global Spirits, world beers and ciders, the greatest wine collection in India and a unique Tasting Room format which allows visiting customer to embrace the “try before you buy” concept of retail services. Mumbai has long awaited a liquor retail renaissance, and Mansionz is certainly going to be the driving force behind it,” said Craig Wedge, Head of Operations at Mansionz, armed with 25 years of experience in the international wine space from Australia to Northern Europe.

Just when you think that must be it, but wait, there is more! As you enter the larger than life mammoth appropriately named Mansionz by Living Liquidz, one is greeted by an American Brasserie – a specialized cocktail den and a gourmet food kitchen that fuses a contemporary NYC aesthetic with classic Old-World Americana. They serve up some of the finest feel-good food and drink in a disarmingly easy-going and fun manner. Their food menu is a celebration of contemporary culinary classics like avocado toast, truffle fries, hand-rolled pastas, freshly-baked sandwiches, buffalo chicken wings, baby back ribs, wood-fired pizzas and hot fudge sundaes.

Situated next to that is an environmentally-friendly, healthy award-winning Asian street food restaurant which has made its mark in Goa, New Delhi and Kolkata and is now has found its spot in Mumbai at Mansionz by Living Liquidz. Fun and casual, yet quirky and chic, this urban Asian restaurant brings fresh, authentic South East Asian street food to discerning patrons with a menu that presents street food the way it was originally prepared—using farm-fresh ingredients, freshly-ground spices and herbs to bring out the robust flavours of the cuisine. With delicacies from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Burma, Japan and the Philippines, the menu has low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free options, while preserving the authentic goodness of each dish. Even fried food, like the Korean chicken wings, is made in heart-healthy oils such as canola, sunflower and peanut. This is not to be missed for the health & fitness enthusiasts with a heart for good food.

Not done yet? Want to lounge around at a speakeasy post your meal and throw back a couple of custom-made inhouse CLAP beers? Your ideal option is the speakeasy lounge marked only by an unassuming phone booth, where patrons type in the entry code to access some of the finest cocktails available. So punch the code and let us transport you to a tranquil hidden oasis in the middle of bustling Mumbai, where time is measured in the tinkling of ice, clinking of glass and the banter of friends.

Trust us when we say, you can begin and end your day in this luxe Mansionz by Living Liquidz and have a gala time!

A vision for the future of Mansionz

Living Liquidz looks to increase its existing presence by adding more points of sale across India and specially at domestic airports. The brand plans to increase more tasting lounges and also create more private label brands. The brand is looking at a presence in every city and every state and will aim for setting up a minimum of two Mansionz per state. As and when there is an opportunity, the brand will also look to enter the duty free business at airports. In the next few years, Living Liquidz will seek to be in every segment of the alcohol market with their own private labels in almost ten segments including rum, dark rum, whisky. At present its wines from private labels have a 25 per cent market share of the liquor sold in their stores and they would like to see this go up to 50 per cent. In addition, Living Liquidz aims to present 50 top brands from the best alcohol producing nations worldwide for exclusive distribution to its stores and customers in India.

“We have great aspirations for Mansionz as a brand – what we offer is a luxury experience and a great experimental space for likeminded people to come together, try out various types of beverages and settle on one that they enjoy. The concept of a Tasting Room is one that is international and our customers in India yearn for that kind of an exclusive space where they can sample foreign liquors and wines and have a first-rate experience. The goal is to provide a novel experience with Mansionz by Living Liquidz and to take the tasting notion up a notch,” said Moksh.

About Living Liquidz

The Living Liquidz brand has been on a growth trajectory for fifteen years. But, its most critical learnings came together in the first few years of conceptualising and running its stores. Crafting a safe, modern store and offering customers the power and transparency of choice was to transform the way the team looked at the segment. Fresh insights into customer behaviour and aspirations gained during this period went on to inform their subsequent initiatives and gave them each a winning edge. Last year, in the midst of the disruptions caused by the pandemic, it took the brand just two months to launch the popular Living Liquidz App. The brand team was quick to realise that the crisis presented an opportunity to connect with customers and expand business operations in very unique circumstances. The goal behind the App was not just to

make your favourite beverage available to everyone from the comfort of their homes, but also to ensure safety and security of its loyal and growing customer base. Acceptance of payment upon delivery and never before became the motto of Living Liquidz and that has helped it become a trustworthy name around town.

60 High Street Stores and Growing : At the heart of Living Liquidz’ extraordinary connection with growing numbers of Indian customers is the concept of a professionally run alcohol store. All stores are located in carefully selected sites with dedicated staff offering not only a wider selection of products but also tech-enabled information about the products. Every aspect of the retail experience has been carefully created. From the beginning, the idea of building customer engagement and loyalty for the Living Liquidz brand was at the fore.

The proof is in the pudding because today 60 signature stores stretch across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad and Karnataka.