Lord Shiva boards the train!!


The history of Indian Railways has never seen a diety on-board in the train. However, the newly launched Kashi Mahakal Express has reserved seat no 65 of B5 coach permanently for Hindu God Shiva. The officials of railways are planning to make it a permanent temple for Lord Shiva. 

Kashi Mahakal Express is the only train which touches the three major shrines of Hindu Religion, namely Kashi-Vishwanath (Varanasi), Omkareshwar(near Indore), Mahakaleshwar(Ujjain). As of now the pictures of the diety has been placed on the seat but it is said that the seat will remain reserved as the temple. It is expected that special worship will be done there on auspicious occasions. 

The train was inaugurated by PM Modi on 16th February 2020 from Varanasi Junction howe er the actual operations of the train will start on 20th February. A huge crowd is expected to board the train on 20th since 21st February will be celebrated as Mahashivratri in India. The train will have full-time guards and only vegetarian food will be served on the train. To maintain religious ambience, devotional music will be played on the train.