Lords Hotels and Resorts Enhances its Sustainable Initiatives


Lords Hotels and Resorts a leading mid-market hotel chain with presence in 40 cities, 11 states and 2 countries has enhanced its sustainable initiatives after the CORONAVIRUS out-break, like using eco-friendly materials for construction, landscaping using low-water plants, imparting green practises training to staff, digitalization etc. Other sustainable initiatives like minimising plastic, use of glass water bottles, use of dispensers for daily hygiene amenities, water recycle, tree plantation in hotel premises, to mention a few were already in place even before COVID 19 spread.

Rishi Puri – Vice President, Lords Hotels and Resorts

Rishi Puri, Sr. Vice President – Lords Hotels and Resorts commented “The leisure, hospitality and tourism sector, including the MICE industry, has been among the hardest hit in COVID crisis. Sustainability is no longer a choice but a required element of hospitality industry. It is expected to take a more permanent spot in post COVID World and will stay even after a cure is found. He further reiterated that all employees of Lords Hotels undergo this as part of Induction and post their understanding they are made to sign the Environment Charter a copy of which is retained in their personal files ”

Lords Hotels and Resorts Group is also THE FIRST INDIAN HOTEL COMPANY to launch and adopt a complete ENVIRONMENT CHARTER, along with the OATH of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM and CODE of CONDUCT for Safe and Honourable Tourism.