Lords Hotels and Resorts preferred by guests for unique structures


Lords Hotels and Resorts, a leading mid-market hotel chain with presence in forty cities, eleven states and two countries have been preferred by guests for some of its unique structures. These unique structures of Lords hotels are like an art form which inspire and forms an emotional connect with the guests and offers them a luxury experience during their stay.

Lords Resort Chotila is the most preferred choice of pilgrimage and leisure travellers. The architecture of the resort is inspired by the shape of a crescent moon, and a few handpicked rooms are beautifully designed in traditional Bhunga style with private sit out overlooking water bodies built around them.

Aarya Lords Club and Resort at Rajkot is an astonishing Resort, inspired by Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. The resort encompasses seven pyramids which exude grandeur and peace.

Shri Vallabh Villas Lords Plaza at Nathdwara in Rajasthan is a palatial hotel built in immaculate grandeur and traditional style in the enchanting and spiritual city.

Morya Lords Inn is a heritage style hotel in Kurnool at Andhra Pradesh which accommodates needs of business as well as leisure traveller.

Lords Group’s modern business hotels, luxury resorts, authentic heritage palaces and rustic safari cottages have always exceeded expectations of its guests in every way. The group has also set a benchmark for hospitality by providing new product innovations and services to meet guests evolving needs.