Make Healthy Vegan Desserts Like a Pro at The Classroom by La Folie



     Learn to make vegan, gluten-free and sugar free desserts

       Baking with healthier flour alternatives

       Techniques for baked items like cakes and tarts

        Learn about alternative gelling thickeners to prepare sauces and compotes

     Tricks for substitutions


Giving your desserts a guilt-free, vegan spin need not always be a stressful activity! With this session at The Classroom by La Folie, you can learn to make a range of delicious desserts under the careful guidance of Chef Zahabia Mukhtiar and Chef Manali Khandelwal. The class will begin with an introduction on how to select ingredients. Those looking to know more about dairy free alternatives are in for a treat as they learn about the function and foundational techniques to create desserts without the use of eggs and dairy, tips and tricks to execute raw vegan desserts with freeze dried fruit powders and dairy free creams. A module on sugar free desserts without the use of artificial sweeteners will also be included in this session. Moreover, chefs will also teach participants about advanced techniques on how to prepare and finish an array of vegan and gluten-free desserts and cookies, working with healthy flour substitutes and using alternative gelling thickeners instead of gelatine for preparing sauces and compotes.

The Classroom by La Folie:

The Classroom by La Folie is custom-designed to create an ideal ambience for learning and discovering nuances of the culinary arts. With a cheerful classroom vibe, the space is equipped with the finest professional appliances and cooking stations to accommodate 16 participants in a hands-on class. The Classroom by La Folie has a dedicated team of chefs for assistance. Each class is accompanied with the required ingredients, easy-to-follow recipe sheets and an opportunity to bond with fellow gourmands over light refreshments.