Man Behind Sula Vineyards!!


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Wine is making its place in India. Many people fancy it. Some prefer showing off the wine. You must be aware of how wine is made. You must be knowing some good brands of wine. But do you know each and every minute detail about wine? Wine is not just a beautiful red libation. It is much more complicated than you think. It is quite hard to expertise in wine and become great in Oenophilia. But there are definitely a few things you can know about wine. Some details about wine which will be beneficial for you as a hotelier or a restauranteur. So let’s talk about wine!!!

Do you know that wine tasting sessions have hidden benefits?

You heard it right. It has its benefits. If you are a hotelier then for you the wine tasting session is not just about tasting types of wines. It is much more than that. As a hotelier, you can build connections with the vineyards. You can do a partnership with the winemakers by providing them with an incentive of exclusive access to your clients. Direct connection with the vineyards can save you with the expenses of a wholesaler. The vineyards can provide you with wines for your events. You can keep their samples in the menu wine list. You can organize your own wine sample programs.

If you are a vineyard owner then these sessions are not about profit for you. They are about building relations with the local community as well as big brands. As a vineyard owner, Wine tasting events can provide you with an opportunity for community involvement and enhancement of your product. These events may not provide you with an immediate return to your investment. It can be a unique marketing technique for your brand and product. And once you are able to satisfy your guest’s expectations. Your event will pay off your expenses.

Taking an example of Sula Vineyards which was started in India by Mr Rajeev Samant. He came to India with the dreams of doing something for his nation and his people. He left Oracle where he was well settled and came to work on the lands of Nasik. Sula started their wines tasting sessions. Today Sula is the leading brand of wine in India. Sula is no more just a vineyard today. It has become a hot tourist destination for sommeliers and oenophiles. People wait for Sula Fest eagerly. It is now almost like a festival in India. No doubt the hard work and dedication of Mr Samant paid off.

What corked wine teaches you?

Corked bottles are the wines which are spoiled. They won’t upset your stomach but it will definitely upset your mouth and mood. When you present a corked wine to your guests accidentally. It is not your fault on your part. But for your guests, it is somewhat your mistake. It is not a good option to leave them in a bad mood. It can be a negative remark for your hotel. Now the question arises, what should be done?

Recovering from the errors done on your part can leave a good impact on your guests. The lesson which a spoiled wine teaches you can be used in other hotel operations as well. You can never tell a wine is spoiled until you open the bottle. Assumptions can be made by sniffing the cork but you can never be sure until you taste it. When a stale bottle is found the first thing which needs to be done is to check another bottle of wine of the same brand and same vintage. It is to make sure if others are spoiled as well. The guests are still waiting for their drink. Leaving them with the displeasure of not having a drink is a bad option. Compensating them with the full amount will be a disadvantage on the part of the hotel. But you can always provide them with something extra to balance it. You can give them complimentary dessert at the end of their meal or you can provide them with another round of drinks. Your recovery efforts will leave a good impact on your guests.

Wine in a keg avoids its wastage.

According to a report of Ecofass-Vin Solution 20,000 litres of wine in a keg distributed in 2 years amounts to 270,000 glass bottles saved and 175 tons of wastage avoided.

There are some other benefits of a keg as well which you were not aware of. A keg preserves the taste and quality of the wine. It is an ecological approach. A barrel of 20 litres replaces 30 glass bottles. It requires less storage space and saves the recycling of corks, labels and wine bottles. Several famous winemakers prefer kegs over bottles. It is easier to handle. It is a less expensive approach. For consumers, it is a good option. They can try a wine without ordering a full bottle. This allows them to taste different varieties of wine. It can increase your sales in terms of wine.

Now you know how wine is beneficial for you. And how you can preserve and utilize it.

Get a life and drink some wine!!