McDonald’s India launches contactless delivery amid coronavirus scare


As India readies to face the current health crisis, Westlife Development, the company that owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India through its wholly-owned subsidiary, has launched contactless delivery service to deliver food to the customers’ doorstep. According to the company, McDonald’s India is ensuring that food reaches customers without being touched by bare hands and delivered safely with adequate social distancing measures.

“Our customers’ safety has been and will continue to be our top priority. On one hand, we have doubled up the safety and hygiene processes at our restaurants and on the other, we are ensuring contactless delivery to uphold consumers’ trust in McDonald’s. Both our consumers and the industry look up to McDonald’s for path-breaking initiatives, and contactless delivery is our way of reassuring them that with us, they are in safe hands,” said Smita Jatia, managing director, Hardcastle Restaurants.

The crew member who assembles the food, the one who packs food and the runner do not touch the food with bare hands and take all possible precautions to ensure hygiene. The packets are sealed and delivered by a runner who drops the order at a pre-appointed spot outside your door and then watches from a safe distance while you retrieve your order and go back inside, the company said.

The virus which started last year in December in China has taken a toll on the global economy and no industry sector has remained immune to it. Industries across the globe are coming up with measures to deal with the virus.

Top food delivery platforms Zomato and Swiggy, which together deliver an estimated 2.6 million orders every day, have taken multiple measures – from telling consumers to let delivery partners leave the packages at the door to offering insurance and financial support to delivery staff in case they are infected with the virus – to mitigate any negative impact on consumer deliveries.

Source:- Economic Times