Meeting new people and educating people on drinks is the best part of being a bartender- Amir


Q.1 What inspired you to enter the Hospitality Industry?

Amir Javaid:- I originally entered hospitality whilst at university. Realised I had a passion for making drinks and eventually quit my degree to focus on bartending.

Q.2 What role bartender plays in establishing a bar and restaurant?

Amir Javaid:- There used to be a split from chefs and bartenders but now as the industry has evolved so has the connection of pairings/culinary techniques. Working in a restaurant bar really helps bridge a connection to guests on how you can combine both together.

Q.3 How difficult it was for you to select bartending as a profession and to convince your parents for the same? 

Amir Javaid:- My parents weren’t very happy with my career choice at the start, but eventually I started winning competitions and progressing in my role that they started to see I was doing well and it was a good career to move into.

Q.4 What is the best part of being a bartender?

Amir Javaid:- Meeting new people and educating people on drinks is the best part of being a bartender. Building a connection with each guest is really vital.

Q.5 Do bartenders of India have any active and effective associations? How these associations help individual bartender to grow?

Amir Javaid:- I’m not really sure, but I have seen a lot of Indian bartenders follow me through social media and they take the job seriously which is great!

Q.6 Any advice you want to convey to the emerging and young bartenders?

Amir Javaid:- Work hard and study. I have always been interested in flavours and how to add depth of flavor into a drink. Attend masterclasses, ask questions and always strive to improve. Once you think you know everything you stop developing as a bartender. I’ve been in the industry over 10 years and everyday I’m learning.