Modern day wellness therapies that detox your soul and reboot your mind

Mud Therapy

Everyday life can really stress you out, with work, home and social life taking a toll on the body. Sadly, we are rarely able to take time off to allow our bodies to heal, rest and energize. Thankfully, modern wellness therapies target these very stress points and help reset your body, making you ready to take on the world!

Most trusted wellness resorts across India have their signature therapies that they’ve perfected over the years. Experienced therapists use their skill and knowledge to relieve you of your pain points and relax the muscles. We list down some of the most exciting and effective therapies that you can indulge in:

1.      Heliotherapy: One of the oldest and most effective therapies in naturopathy, heliotherapy is a great way to detoxify the body. It involves wrapping of plantain leaves around the body, followed by a 30-40 minutes of sun bath after applying medicated oil. A cold towel is placed on the head and you’re hydrated before, so there’s nothing but good vibes coming thereafter!

2.      Chromotherapy: Chromo therapy uses colours to restore balance and harmony within the body. Treated water is first exposed to the sun to absorb all its natural goodness. The positive electromagnetic radiation is then used to help the body heal from stress.

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3.      Magneto Therapy:  This unique treatment uses the natural magnetic powers of real magnets, to realign the body’s rhythm. Magnets of varying shapes and sizes are placed all over the body to relieve pain and treat specific conditions. The result is a largely restored body balance!

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4.      Hydrotherapy: There’s nothing quite like water to bring the mind, body and soul completely in sync with each other. Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest naturopathy treatments that help facilitate movement, promote health and relieve pain with the curative powers of water.

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5.      Mud Therapy: Special medicated mud is applied on the body. This mud is from specific regions, lending special nutrients to it. This is then allowed to dry and bake under the sun, ensuring all the mud’s goodness is absorbed into the skin and body, making it one of the most naturally rejuvenating therapies.

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Mr. Hemant Bagga, CEO – Fazlani Natures Nest says,

“Wellness resorts today have evolved to cater to guests’ unique lifestyle requirements. Modern issues require an array of contemporary and traditional techniques. At Amarine medi-spa at Fazlani Nature’s Nest, we offer a signature wellness experience that is completely focused on our guests’ holistic recovery.

We offer authentic naturopathy, ayurvedic and international treatments for de-stressing, detox, rejuvenation, anti-aging, skin care, and beauty. All the therapies mentioned in the list are available with us. True wellness requires calmness, which is why most resorts are located in scenic places, much like Fazlani Nature’s Nest is in the lap of the mountains beside a pristine lake!