Morpho Hotels & Resorts launches in India with Seven Properties Across the Country!

The hospitality brand has launched in India with plans of further expansion in the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Levant Countries

New Delhi, November 23, 2020: Morpho Hotels & Resorts, a business to luxury lifestyle hotel brand has announced its official launch in India by opening its doors to residents in India with seven properties across the country. The Morpho Group is created in response to a simple fact: today, more than ever before, travellers seek a high-quality safe hotel experience without compromising on the facilities or value chain. The brand aims to surprise travellers with an original, exciting and carefully curated offer that focuses from the highest levels of hygiene guidelines to personalised services.

In the initial phase Morpho will be setting up properties in tourist and industrial hubs such as Goa, Darjeeling, Varanasi, Chhatarpur, Bokaro, Kasauli and Manali. The advent of pandemic has brought a pause to international travel and therefore domestic tourism is likely to see a surge in demand at least for another 2 years. Morpho Hotels and resorts also plans to acquire 15 more properties in the year 2021.

For its global launch, Morpho has associated with Wakira Investments for expansion of Morpho group in GCC, South Africa, Levant countries, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. The brand also has tied up with Sumoworld at Kathmandu to develop the brand in Nepal. The Morpho group is in advanced stage of talks for a tie up in Spain as well.

We are very excited to open our doors to travellers in India. While the pandemic has presented us with various challenges, it has also given an opportunity to explore domestic travel like never before. I am certain our government bodies will utilize this opportunity to strengthen domestic travel and we are here to support the initiative. We look forward to empower independent hotels with technology and cater to the guests with the best of facilities”, said Mr Dipinder Benjamin, CEO, Morpho Hotels and Resorts.

Also commenting on the launch, Mr Ramesh Jaglan, the co-founder of Morpho Hotels & Resorts added, “The current situation has shaken the entire industry including the owners of hotels who are struggling to get back on their feet. We completely understand the tenacity required to revive & recover to earlier business results will be very high. Our effort is to help them tide over these times as a strong support with minimizing their transition to the new norms without escalating their costs & adding value to their products as well as services. We at Morpho would aim at building strong customer relationships to drive sales, sustainability and growth. We believe the keys to the success of Morpho would be self -definition, transparency, authenticity, accountability, quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”

Morpho group intends to meet the expectations and requirements of customers in a ground-breaking way, whether one travels for business or leisure, a staycation or a vacation. Under the Morpho umbrella are three distinct brands, each tailored to a different target audience and their requirements – The Morpho, Crystal by Morpho, Vivid by Morpho.

Morpho: Best suited for business travellers, these hotels offer services to meet the requirements of business travellers.

Crystal by Morpho: Upmarket, full-service hotels that offer enhanced F&B options, greater comfort and hospitality. These hotels typically have a larger inventory of rooms

Vivid by Morpho: Upscale hotels that are ideal for travelers in search of leisure and luxury. These hotels are strategically located and offer a host of ancillary facilities.

Each vertical offers a distinct experience that fuels our vision forward and etches a life-long memory which our guests can associate with and always cherish.

The Morpho Group was launched in line with the quality and safety vision, all its properties will cater to the needs of every traveller and include advanced sanitation and hygiene guidelines to personalized services for those who value comfort, safety, and privacy. From providing a professional and experienced team for centralized reservations to a simplified booking system leveraging BI technology, Morpho will spoil all guests with a safe and immersive experience. Digitalized monitoring, contactless journey, curated experiences, bespoke loyalty and promotion programmes, enhanced F&B options, business & luxury leisure offerings – all of this will also be part of the Morpho journey at each hotel.