Mrs. Alyona Kapoor- The opportunity grabber Chef !!!

Mrs. Alyona Kapoor

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Alyona Kapoor, the better half of Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. She is the driving force behind her husband which makes her the woman behind a successful man.

She is a famous Chef and Entrepreneur. She is also a part of Sanjeev Kapoor’s joint venture, Turmeric Vision Pvt. Ltd. (TVPL) and she received the ITA award for Best Cookery Show.

The couple married on October 1992. She is highly supportive to the Sanjeev Kapoor, in his career. Sanjeev Kapoor’s all-time favourite food cooked by Alyona Kapoor is Masala Dosa.

The day when Alyona’s mother got happy was in 1967 when she got happy by listening her daughter’s first cry. Alyona has traveled a lot with her father who has serviced the Indian Navy. Travel has helped broaden her horizons and she has a fine amalgamation of various cultures which also helps her in innovating even simple dishes to be delicious and healthier. After finishing her B.Com (Hons) she went on to do a one- year diploma course in Computers which has stood her in good stead in her work. She looks after the accounts and administrative affairs of the company. Her job profile in the company can be best described as that of a CFO. Her chief forte is her ability to coordinate and get work done efficiently.

She is fond of reading books, cooking and singing. People generally hum a tune when they feel happy doing something. Cooking gives happiness to her and she believes in increasing her happiness to a great level by sharing it with the entire world through the programmes like Family Food Tales.

Family Food Tales is an initiative by Alyona Kapoor in which she welcomes her fans into her world- her kitchen with a new kitchen series where she shares the recipe and tales related to the recipes which are close to her heart. It is a nice platform to generate new tastes. Mrs. Alyana Kapoor shared one of the most popular street foods from Mumbai- Pav Bhaji, served with a dollop of butter and pav.

Mother of two lovely daughters Rachita and Kriti, Alyona manages both home and office work with super efficiency. She accompanies Chef Kapoor in his travels around the country and abroad whenever possible but sees to it that her home runs on smooth wheels. She believes in grabbing the opportunities and converting them into reality because according to her opportunities come knocking only once!