Mumbai has a new ‘Kaatil’ Killer Desi Heat


Food connects us all. Flavour is the language that establishes this connection, and one thing we all have in common is the need for flavour to avoid boring, mundane food. Despite being a land of variety of chillies, the global food market has limited experimentation options for true HOT food from India, which is what lay the foundation of Kaatil – a HOT condiment brand to #KillTheBoring! Each Kaatil product is packed with a punch of unique Indian Chillies, introducing the consumers to condiments that can be used to amp up all meals from breakfast to dinner and beyond! 

Kaatil as a brand has versatile products that pose a quick and easy fix to make food interesting and flavoursome. Like a traditional pickle, Kaatil envisions being one’s weapon of choice while cooking, dipping and licking! Kaatil wants to bring the heat to your table and kitchen. 

The idea behind Kaatil is to bridge the Indian food gap in the space of HOT condiments by introducing and highlighting the variety of chillies. The brand aims to change the world’s perspective on Indian ingredients by introducing a wide variety of products using only Indian chillies. On a more domestic front, Kaatil – Killer Desi Heat will become the means for its consumers to understand the difference between HOT and SPICY (Masaledaar)! 

“The irony is people worldwide relish HOT but not SPICY (Masaledar) food and Indian food is considered to be the latter. My motive with Kaatil is to present the world with varieties of Indian chillies that are widely available but not used to their highest potential. Each type of chilly has a lot to offer as the different variety is distinct in terms of ingredient, processing, region and traditional use! It’s not only chutneys, pickles and the cliche red and green chilli sauces anymore.” 

Sagar Merchant, Founder, Kaatil

Kaatil takes pride in showcasing products ranging from mild to wild. The products are named numerically and this format is inspired by the global ranking system for Hot Food. Each product will be numbered based on their heat level in their respective categories and the numbers will increase as the heat rises. For example: Hot Sauce No.7 is hotter than Hot Sauce No. 4. 

Kaatil products include a mild Hot Ketchup – No. 2 – made with complex Sankeshwari chillies and two HOT Sauce options for the heat lovers. Made with a blend of South India’s favourite Byadgi & Guntur chillies there is Hot Sauce No.4 and the other Hot Sauce is a rich and flavourful sauce of Lavangi chillies – No.7 which is packed with zing. The products are priced at INR 299.

Allowing both HOT lovers and ‘Non-hot’ consumers to explore eating HOT food, Kaatil suggests the ‘Non-hot’ folks start by gradually bringing up their tolerance with the Hot Ketchup No. 2 while progressively moving up the ladder to the HOT sauce and other HOT condiments. 

A spoon of these HOT sauces will explode your palate with heat being on top of the heap. The next product to launch is the HOT Mayo No. 4. The brand will be introducing a variety of Hot Condiments, all at different Heat Levels and using various Indian Chillies to bring forth the true flavours of India’s multicultural food regions. 

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