Mumbai retailers warm up to running 24×7 outlets as new rules set in


Fast food chain McDonald’s became the first major entity to announce that a select few eateries will be open round the clock in the financial capital under the new rules by the Maharashtra government.

The new rules which allow shops and establishments to be open through the night with some riders come into effect from January 27.

However, there are reports of reluctance among owners with regard to new directions.

The retail industry had welcomed the move by Maharashtra, after the Uddhav Thackeray-led government took the decision earlier this week.

The food chain’s India franchise owner Westlife Development said seven of its 46 outlets in the financial capital will be running around the clock from Monday and eventually it will scale up the number.

All the seven outlets are located in premium malls spread across the city. Its senior director Saurabh Kalra said this will make Mumbai a truly “maximum city”.

The city, which has a reputation of not sleeping at all, generally relishes on illegal eateries that thrive across neighbourhoods, with egg varieties being a favourite night snack.

The Retailers Association of India had in a statement said that employment will increase by 10 per cent in the city because of such a move.

“This is a win-win for all. It will help increase customer satisfaction because customers can buy things whenever there is a need. It will help retailers achieve better sales as well as increase the revenue collection for the state government,” it had said.

Many of the mall owners have reportedly said that initially they will be open only till 3 am and may take it up to 5 am.

The government move comes with riders including inability to operate in residential areas in the late hours, and other applicable limits on noise pollution.