Myprotein launches three fitness focused gift boxes


India, February 2022: Aiming to help people boost their performance to achieve their fitness goals, leading sports nutrition brand Myprotein, has unveiled three ‘Fuel Your Ambition’ gift boxes.

Each box has been carefully curated to include Myprotein’s best supplements and snack alternatives to support the consumer’s fitness goals.

Myprotein’s Fuel Your Ambition Gift Box features the mango-flavored Impact Whey Protein pack (25g) a stainless steel metal shaker for all protein shakes and drinks a pair of Resistance Bands (2-16 kg) to boost any exercise Orange-flavoured Energy Elite Gel containing maltodextrin and fructose for instant energy and finally, a chocolate coconut-flavored High Protein Bar packed with 30g protein

The Whey Gift Box comes with the mango-flavored Impact Whey Protein pack (500g), a metal shaker, and a chocolate coconut-flavored High Protein Bar providing 30 grams of high-quality protein.

And for vegan fitness enthusiasts, Myprotein’s Vegan Gift Box contains the brand’s best-selling vegan supplements. The box includes a peanut-flavored Vegan Carb Crusher (60g), a Vegan L-Leucine Powder (250g) sourced from plant-based ingredients using a microbial fermentation process, and an orange and mango-flavored Clear Vegan Protein pack (320g) – a fully-dissolvable plant protein helping you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Speaking on the launch of the gift boxes, a Myprotein spokesperson said, “Myprotein is committed to catering to what people desire in terms of meeting their individual fitness goals. These specially curated gift boxes will help them get started on a wholesome nutrition and fitness routine.

Each box has been created to consider all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, to help fuel the everyday exercise regimes of both existing and prospective fitness enthusiasts.”

All three gift boxes are available on