National Tequila Day: 24th July


HospiBuz Desk 

The great romantics of our time claim that every day should be Valentine’s Day. The great imbibers or our time believe the same of July 24th. From the first moment, the man peered at a blue agave plant and thought, “That would taste great with salt and lime,” Tequila has been the catalyst for countless wild parties and occasional regrets.

They say tequila won’t fix all your problems, but we say it’s worth a shot. And this July 24, you’ll have ample opportunity to see what problems you can solve by having a drink or two of the good stuff as you celebrate National Tequila Day. That’s right, there’s an intact day hallowed to celebrating the magical Mexican potion that is tequila — just please do so responsibly, and remember to never, ever drink and drive. If you can handle that, then you’re in for a good time.

Tequila, which is produced only in certain parts of Mexico using the regional blue agave plant, has long been a favorite of the American Southwest — but now has an international following.

So grab the salt, cut some lemons, and remember your toast and here we go!