November 24, 2021, Mumbai – Folks in Mumbai, say hello to Kyma. The serial entrepreneurs behind several successful restaurants in the city just launched Kyma, the city’s newest all day casual dining and bar focusing on Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, at One BKC! Going beyond the usual, Kyma meets the need of the hour; tapping two of the most popular cuisines under one roof. Affordable prices and a beautiful ambiance, Kyma is the place to be. This striking and elegantly done up all-day restaurant is the brainchild of Nikita Poojari & Mr. Narayan Poojari, the owner of the famous Shiv Sagar Food and Resort Pvt. Ltd., and managing partners Nikhil Rochlani, Dhaval Udeshi and Pawan Shahri. The partners wish to create a brand in a way in which the goals and objectives resonate with people and create a friendly and welcoming environment.

“After Butterfly High and Blah!, my aim was to create an amalgamation of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine and create a space which is more approachable and relevant to the people. The whole concept is for people to walk into Kyma at any time of the day and be able to eat premium cuisines in a casual and carefree way.” quotes partner Dhaval Udeshi, commenting on the launch.

Inspired by an all-day casual vibe, Kyma features a beautiful outdoor alfresco area with cabanas and a gazebo for outdoor seating with fairy lights and planters that give you the ethereal European winter feels. The indoor section has high ceilings which creates a sense of openness and space which is divided into several sections that seamlessly fit together – the lounge area that eases into the plush couches with dull soft lighting overlooking the large tree-lined avenues of the neighborhood through the large bay windows; the bar area is masterfully long and enticing you to sit on the comfortable bar chairs and sip on a cocktail; and finally the dining area with crockery and cutlery arranged with an understated and earthy feel culminating in a Private Dining Room for those who prefer to bring in a large group and privacy.

“The entire vision behind Kyma meaning ‘wave’ is to build a relaxing all day dining bar while synergizing between Asian & Mediterranean cuisine. Everything about Kyma from the interiors, food to cocktails has been designed to make it an approachable and fun venue,” vocalizes partner, Nikhil Rochlani.

Ambience and culture is what creates Kyma but food is what defines Kyma. The menu has been carefully curated to provide comfort Asian and Mediterranean dishes as well as new and unique dishes which one must’ve never tried before. Cherry on the top? A mammoth cocktail bar where delicious cocktails are whipped up and the drinks go perfectly with the food to create the perfect ambience for a fun lunch or dinner vibe. And if you like things private, there is a gorgeous, secluded dining room with your very own private balcony that you can book for a celebration or intimate gathering upto 15 people.

Speaking to owner Nikita Pujari, she says “After having done various concepts across the years from Shiv Sagar to Butterfly High, we as a group wanted to enter the premium casual dining segment. Hence, the

idea of Kyma was born in which we are able to get two premium cuisines under one roof. We believe in the concept of diversification and innovation and we want our customers to have a larger choice in their way and options of dining.”

Kyma is sure to have you coming back again and again as they prepare for some beautifully crafted, modernly-twisted dishes such as the fiery Asian Nacho, Cantonese style Chili Chicken accompanied by the Mantao steam bun. If you are an Asian foodie, you are going to love the Wasabi, Waterchestnut Edamame so perfectly garnished with truffle that it melts in your mouth along with the Chilli Basil Wok-Tossed Rice. We would recommend you drop by the stylish live sushi counter for the proper sushi experience of watching the chefs work right in front of you as they prepare the Salmon Truffle Cream Cheese & Jalapeno Sushi. If Mediterranean is your jam, your meal will be complete with the chef’s selection of mouth-watering Kunafa wrapped prawns with crispy golden fried vermicelli coated deep fried prawns served with charred lemon and charcoal toum complementing the signature Kyma Cherry Wood Smoke Cream Cheese Hummus (with a caramel pistachio) and the four Cheese & Zatar Pide. At the end of your meal, if you need that harmonizing sweet taste to bring it all together, go for the Classic Baklava (to die for) or the Lemongrass Crème Brûlée. Love cocktails? The bar has some bespoke recipes up its sleeve, which complements the dishes perfectly like the Tanned in Shanghai- a Japanese gin with yuzu and hibiscus cordial while the Mediterranean Heat is prepared with Spices infused Jager with rye whiskey served over a ball of ice.

Partner Pawan Shahri tells us “At Kyma, there is something for everyone from the private dining room with ensuite balcony to the live sushi counter, the cocktail bar and the enchanting outdoor area and the food and cocktails – it all makes for a great atmosphere and experience in a casual all-day dining restaurant-lounge.”

Kyma is making Mumbai and especially BKC sexy with its enchanting outdoors and its private dining room. If you are looking to grab a bite of some hummus with coffee, or in the mood for a couple drinks at the bar or in the outdoor gazebos, or simply get a scrumptious meal with family and friends, Kyma is the spot for you! Get ready to ride this ‘wave’ by making your reservation now!

Time: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight

Address: Kyma, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai,Maharashtra 400051