Newly launched De’Lan Luxury Fine-Dine Restaurant in Noida


Whether you’re a foodie or not, there’s no denying that Noida is a foodie paradise, and having a fine-dine restaurant in paradise is something beyond explanation!

Started by restaurateurs, Shweta & Gaurav Saran, De’Lan comes with an ambition to revolutionize the Fine-Dine culture and serve premium experience to the residents of Noida. They planned to name their next venture after their daughters and thats how De’lan was finalised. The word means someone who owns your heart in Persian.

The restaurant settled on having classy interiors to go along with the lavish ambience. It is spacious and colorful adding liveliness to the restaurant’s atmosphere. The De’lan has extremely comfortable seating giving customers a nood for light and relaxing evening.

Beside its vibrant ambience and eye catching interiors, we are sure that De’Lan will be known for its authentic taste in dishes. A perfect place for your family outing or a romantic dates indeed! Your evenings are made more pleasant by the courteous staff and the remote-able rooftop. It offers its customers a wide menu with variety of cuisines ranging from Continental to Modern Indian.

De’lan is a true fun-fine dine restaurant that Noida city has been longing.