Niraamaya Wellness Retreats announces the launch of their new menu showcasing the brand’s innovation, value, and culinary expertise. 


India, June 2022: Niraamaya Wellness Retreats launches a new exquisite culinary menu replete with timeless recipes and flavours from the coastal regions of Kerala. The new offerings contain a lot of innovative and traditional delicacies to delight the discerning traveller’s palate. Several inspiring dishes are featured like Karimeen Pollichathu infused with kokum or lemon, Mappas a coriander-based dish which comes in many vegetarian variations. Well-known dishes with contemporary twists like the Travancore King Fish Curry, Squid Pepper, Hibiscus Granita and Baked Jackfruit Cheesecake are also included.

As wellness resonates across the brand’s vision, the doctors at these award-winning wellness retreats have also collaborated with the chefs to create this menu based on the principles of Ayurveda while also being high on the taste quotient. This is primarily to engage with the guests who come for Ayurveda programs. The menu also features the signature dishes like the simple but wholesome, Vembanad Muringakka Thengapal Soup (Drumstick) and Muthira Parippu Curry (Mustard and Garlic Tempered Horse Gram) an Ayurvedic comfort food that is detoxifying and calming.

At Niraamaya Retreats, the deep respect for Kerala’s food traditions ensures that the chefs take utmost care to pay tribute to the coastal state’s cuisine. They combine age-old techniques of cooking to design piquant food that is high in nutrition.

“Niraamaya Retreats has been the custodian of traditional regional gastronomy of Kerala, and we are delighted to offer a taste of this local heaven targeting global food connoisseurs who appreciate authentic flavours while on their world travels.”

Executive Chef Prakash Nayak

“For our global audience, we have attempted to capture and showcase timeless regional tastes that have been passed down through many generations. Our culinary team believes in bringing a unique and sophisticated epicurean experience, remastering ancient Indian traditions to create new dining gems.”

Chef Anish Kumar, Executive Chef at Niraamaya Retreats Kumarakom

When it comes to ingredients, their obsession with all things organic, drives them to painstakingly source whole spices and these are roasted and powdered in-house for a more robust flavour and aroma. The retreat also has its own gardens, where they grow an array of medicinal herbs and vegetables like galangal, red spinach, basil, micro greens, snake gourd, chillies, papaya, mangoes, tomatoes, cabbage, brinjal and ladies’ fingers to cater to most of their culinary needs.

“Food is no longer a means to an end; it has become an art form. These are recognized all over the world in their local avatars and have inspired us to capture and showcase them in this new menu” says Mr. Allen Machado, Chief Executive Officer.

The guests can relish these delicacies along with international favourites at “Café Samsara” the all-day dining restaurant. There is a lot more in store at the speciality pan Asian restaurant “Essence” that provides the perfect ambience of the destinations of Kovalam, Kumarakom and Athirappilly. Savour innovative concoctions at “Madira” with a twist of a local flavour as the guests enjoy the breath-taking views at Kovalam and Athirappilly.

About Niraamaya Wellness Retreats

Niraamaya Retreats is a selection of exquisite private serene spaces nestled in nature and crafted with care in some of the most stunning hideaways across India. The retreats will take the guests on a journey to experience the true essence of distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness by unlocking the destination’s true cultural identity and introducing its magnificent heritage and inspiring culinary feasts. The multi-award winning Niraamaya Spa and Wellness Centre delivers a range of wellness therapies including traditional Ayurveda and Yoga that replenish the mind, body, and spirit.