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Chef Saby gives his review on Nut Lite butter in Hospitality Lexis magazine

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition December 2019

In the generation 20-20, everyone opts for the things which are less time-consuming. Whether we talk about cricket or internet connection people like it fast. When the lifestyle of the population is lighting fast, everyone loves to pick up the ready to use products. Nut butter has emerged as an irreplaceable product in the changing eating habits of the population. It is one of the world’s popular spreads. In the last few years, demand for Nut butter in the domestic market has gone up and till date it has not found its saturation point. High demand and popularity of the Nut butter had led to re-inventing the product. To beat the monotonous taste of High demanding product, Nut-Lite has come up with the great innovation by equipping their product with the quirkiness, interesting taste, and unbeatable health.

Nut-Lite nut butter comes in very handy and quirky packaging which allows it to mingle up with Millennials easily. Handy and compact packaging makes it easy-to-take so that it can be your hangout buddy too.

It comes in various mouthwatering flavors to provide its consumers with all-new blends of flavourful nut butter. It comes in Almond Dates Butter, Cashew Butter, Cashew Coconut Butter, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Butter, and Pistachio Vanilla Butter.

I have tasted each one of them, every combination and flavor has its own unique essence. The best part of Nut-lite Nut butter is that it carries very low sodium so that it can be a good friend of Heart patients.

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