Ohri’s Group plans to expand operations


Hyderabad: December 5th , 2022: Ohri’s Group Hyderabad’s fastest-growing restaurant chain with over four decades of culinary legacy has charted a strategic roadmap for expanding operations and setting up footprints across different geographies . The group has identified 4 brands Qaffeine-The Coffee Shop, Sahib’s Barbeque, Cake Nation, and Ming’s Court to expand the operations in India.

Ohri’s Group has a legacy of offering experiential dining to the food connoisseurs in the City of Nizams through uniquely themed restaurants & enjoys the rare distinction of being a master creator of experiences that appeal to food lovers across generations. The portfolio of brands with Ohri’s group appeals the food lovers with the nostalgia of its signature Chole Bhature and Homemade Ice cream, at Eatmor, to an extensive range of grills and kebabs at Sahibs BBQ, Nautanki Gali, offers traditional Indian foods to the discerning food lovers. The brands like Mings Court provide the Asian Touch, and the newly added Cock and Bull, a modern-style pub with fusion cuisine appeals to the Millenials. Cake Nation and Qaffeine are the fastest-growing brands under Ohri’s umbrella to serve the preferences of food lovers.

Ohris Group has redefined the hospitality business and has grown into a large enterprise with multiple restaurants and hotels across Hyderabad . The 44-year-old journey has had many successes and credits and is a highly recognisable brand across the city. The Ohri’s Group is today managed by a team of experienced professionals and led by the dynamic persona of Mr Amar Ohri. Ohri’s restaurants are known for their experiential dining as most restaurants are thematically designed. Today, Ohri’s is synonymous with hospitality, large spreads, tasteful cuisines, and innovative restaurant ambience which has consequently led to them winning many awards and gaining pan-India recognition. Through constant innovation and consistent growth, Ohri’s has emerged as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in India .

“Ohri’s is a trusted brand for the food aficionado in Hyderabad, with a unique appeal and experiences for all age groups through the thematic restaurants. We hope to continue to serve our guests with great experiences and smiling faces. However, as we approach our Golden Jubilee in 2026, we wish to have our brands across the country. In the first phase, we will begin operations in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Goa. In the next two years, Ohri’s will be visible across major towns in the country, along with London and Dubai.”

Mr. Amar Ohri, Executive Director, Ohri’s Group

About Ohri’s Group:

Ohri’s culinary legacy dates back to 1976 when a visionary entrepreneur, Ravi Ohri, laid the foundation for a futuristic brand in the hotel industry. Capitalizing on the success of its very first venture, Hotel Baseraa, the label soon spread its wings across Hyderabad and established its place as a chain to reckon with. Ohri’s now boasts of a series of top restaurants, hotels and banquets in Hyderabad, with a distinctively unique quality of coming up with something innovative each time. You can make your reservation on a call or book online here!

Ravi Ohri was succeeded by his son Amar Ohri, an MBA in Hotel Management, who furthered the establishment’s progress and helped it gain the acclamation and accolades it deserves. Over the years, there has been immense growth in terms of business and customer loyalty enabling the empire to push the envelope further and gain recognition pan India.