On the occasion of ‘World Photography Day’ learn the intricacies of Photography at EsselWorld Bird Park


~ Wildlife Photographer, Kane Lew will teach the Art Behind Capturing the Perfect Frame~

Mumbai, August 12, 2019: As the World Photography Day approaches, EsselWorld Bird Park invites all photography enthusiasts to polish their techniques and learn the ‘Behind the Scenes’ details of Bird Photography. In association with DCP Expeditions, the 4-hour workshop will be lead by renowned wildlife photographer Kane Lew on 18th August amidst 500 exotic birds at the Park.

Living up to their commitment of cultivating a wholesome experiential environment for their patrons, EsselWorld along with DCP Expeditions looks forward to extending and enhancing the knowledge of bird photography while promoting the photography culture in the city. The extensive 4-hour workshop will cover major technical know hows of the art as well as allow the particpants to apply their skills in real time by clicking captivating pictures of over 500 exotic birds in their close to nature habitat created at EsselWorld Bird Park.

The one of its kind workshop is open for all age groups and will cover the following aspects:

o How to approach wild Life / birds in the field

o Different modes of shooting – AV/A, TV/ S, M & P

o Exposure control in the field under difficult light conditions

o Mastering metering techniques – Sports, Partial, Centre Weighted, Evaluative

o Mastering Auto focus, Focusing Points, AF locking and focus tracking for moving subject’s

o How to get sharp images from a moving subject

o Farming and composition in the field

o Ethics in wildlife photography

The participants are requested to carry their own equipment as follows:

o Telephoto lenses – preferably above 400 MM

o Fully charged batteries for camera / flash

o Carry battery charger and extra pack of camera battery charger

o Carry backup memory cards / HDD storage devices, Laptop

o Tripod and binoculars

Registration Fees & Details:

o Workshop Fees: Rs. 1500 + GST per person

o Date &Timings: Sunday, 18th August 10 am –2 pm o To Register please call on – 9619511832 OR log on to http://esselworldbirdpark.in/

o Venue: EsselWorld Bird Park, Gorai Village, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400091

About EsselWorld Bird Park:


You have seen them on TV or in virtual world. You have heard them in the stories. Come meet them here in person, talk to them and be friends with them.

India’s first exotic and interactive bird park, the first of its kind, EsselWorld Bird Park takes you up-close and personal with some of the most fascinating sights and sounds from the avian world. Our walk-in aviary is home to over 500 exotic birds from more than 60 species of Volant, terrestrial and aquatic birds. The star birds are African Grey Parrot, Blue Gold Macaw, Cockatiel, Rainbow Laurakeet, Toucan, Chattering Lory, Sun Conure, California Quail, Golden Pheasant, Ostrich, Black Swan, Carolina Wood Duck and Crowned Crane, among many others. The park is spread over an area of 1.5 acres.

EsselWorld Bird Park gives you a unique opportunity to not just watch and observe, but also immerse yourselves into the enchanting world of feathered creatures and interact with them in their natural habitats. Mindful of the importance of bird conservation, EsselWorld has roped in experts to take utmost care of the birds and preserve their new habitat in a natural and eco-sensitive manner. EsselWorld Bird Park has been curated by the world’s leading ornithologists & conservationists to create an experience that is truly authentic and enjoyable while keeping the health and safety of the birds uppermost in our consciousness.