Organic Tattva and Chef Vikas Khanna Partner to Stir Up Festive Flavours with Chole and Besan Film


As the festive season of Holi and Ramadan approaches, Organic Tattva under  its collaboration with celebrated chef Vikas Khanna unveils an exciting culinary tribute . .In association with Maximus Collabs, agency and production house for this campaign, Organic Tattva aims to take consumers on a nostalgic journey with the launch of their latest film centred around the traditional flavors of Chole and Besan.

With a vision to reconnect people with their culinary roots promising purity of wholesome ingredients, Organic Tattva’s and Vikas Khanna promises to ignite the senses and evoke cherished memories associated with homemade delicacies. The film, set to be released during the festive flavours of Holi and Ramadan, is a testament to Organic Tattva’s commitment to offering premium-quality organic products that resonate with both trust and purity.

“We are delighted to join hands with Vikas Khanna for this special project,” “Our aim is to not only provide consumers with the finest organic ingredients but also to evoke a sense of nostalgia and cultural connection through our products.A commitment that we will always get the best to your plate drives us to choose the most trusted ingredients for your loved ones. With this film, we hope to inspire people to embrace the authentic flavours of India and celebrate the joy of cooking.”

Kriti Mehrotra , Co-Founder – Organic Tattva.

“Partnering with Organic Tattva is driven by my passion for ghar ka khana and the ingredients that make it such a delightful experience. Through this film, we aim to showcase the beauty and simplicity of traditional Indian cuisine while highlighting the importance of using high-quality organic ingredients which promises purity and trust . I am excited to be a part of this endeavor and look forward to sharing it with food enthusiasts around the world”.

Chef Vikas Khanna 

Maximus Collabs, known for its innovative approach to storytelling, is set to bring the concept to life with its expertise in creative production. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Organic Tattva and Vikas Khanna for this project,””Our team is dedicated to delivering compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, and we believe this film will not only captivate viewers but also inspire them to explore the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.”

 Manisha Singh- Director Maximus Collabs.

The Chole and Besan film by Organic Tattva, in collaboration with Vikas Khanna and Maximus Collabs, is slated for release during the festive season of Holi and Ramadan. Stay tuned for an unforgettable culinary experience that celebrates taste, quality, and the essence of tradition.