Out of the blue dining experience, Movies and Munchies together


In conversation with Rahul Bajaj, Director and Conceptualizer, Out Of The Blue

Thursday Movie screenings in Out of the Blue are quite unique. Sir,      please tell us how you came up with this idea?

Rahul Bajaj:- Our whole concept is to give our diners a one-of-a-kind experience when they are balancing their work and hustling through the week. For reminiscing the time of classics with the fusion of a good movie and something to munch on. An additional factor is our beautiful outdoor area which we thought would make wonderful space for such events.

It is said that you build a kitchen that is deeper than gourmet. Please share with us what is so unique about your restaurant?

Rahul Bajaj:- We are a 20-year-old restaurant and we have a biogas system installed in the restaurant. Our kitchen being gourmet we ensure most of our products are SLO – Sustainable Local and Organic products.

Sir, please tell us about the special kid’s menu and the globally inspired cocktails offered at your restaurants? 

Rahul Bajaj:- The special kid’s menu has been created keeping in mind the difficulties that parents have to face when they head out for a family dinner, as the little ones can be finicky eaters at times. The menu caters to their meal choices and taste preferences that actually taste as good as they look!

It covers all the kids’ best-loved dishes like Pasta in the choice of sauce which can be customized, Grilled Veg Burger, the classic and universally loved by all – Mac-n-Cheese, Nutella Milkshake and much more.

Going organic and local is in trend these days. Sir, please tell us Deli by the Blue following the same with a 75% menu of organic offerings? How diverse is this menu?

Rahul Bajaj:- Our menu at Deli By The Blue aims at changing the way people eat by making high-quality products available at a fraction of the cost compared to what the market currently sells. It’s about ensuring our following generations grow healthily by eating food that is devoid of pesticides, is ethically produced and minimally processed. We hope our small endeavour is the voice of a bigger revolution that can bring forth India’s agricultural superheroes and create a sustainable atmosphere for organic produce that is affordable daily and for generations to come.

We also keep SLO oriented products to support companies who stock organic farm produce, it also encourages small scale farmers.   

Sir, please tell us about your Blue LaunchPad and S.L.O initiative? 

Rahul Bajaj:- As the restaurant industry has transformed to meet the needs of the millennial foodie, the Blue LaunchPad was our step towards doing things differently. The first edition was themed on Sustainable, local and organic initiatives (S.L.O), this was to build a community of like-minded people and offer a chance to showcase their work. Today, the most important thing is organic seed conservation. We wanted people to eat and appreciate the old knowledge that we had.

You have specially-abled staff working for you who are trained in deeds. How well do they work for your brands? 

Rahul Bajaj:- Our work specially-abled staff works as well as any other staff and we ensure they are well equipped and learn the work well for quality. The ideology is the belief that helping them is helping us build a better place in the world.  They being handicap is an ability and not a disability. To us, they are as normal as any other person. 

Experimenting with the dining experience will outshine as a trend in the coming year. Sir since Out of the Blue is a casual dining eatery, do you have plans of doing experimentation with its dining experience? 

Rahul Bajaj:- Of course, as our logo says there’s always something happening at out of the blue. Experiments, new ideas or inventions whatever you would like to call them, happen here all of the time. Out of the Blue is expected to make a lot of new changes that work in tandem to the new trends of the industry. 

Zero Waste cooking is the need of the hour. Sir, please tell us about your take on it and how are you implementing it in your restaurant?  

Rahul Bajaj:- The now in trend term ‘Zero Waste’ cooking has always been a part of the Indian kitchen tradition, the idea was to make use of discards in some or the other way. This is also a great way to help organizations like Feeding India to make productive use of waste.