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What comes to your mind when I say the word ‘Pasta’? A gourmet or a foodie will say things like spaghetti Aglio e Olio or penne al arrabiata or pesto farfalle, etc.Whereas on the other hand, a mediocre person will say something like White pasta, red pasta or mac and cheese. So let me enlighten you about what pasta exactly is.

Basically, pasta is durum wheat flour, eggs, olive oil, salt and water, made into a dough, which is then given various shapes like fusilli, ravioli, linguine, etc. Pasta is complex carbohydrates, something which should constitute a major portion of a balanced diet, they have low sodium, low glycemic index and are virtually fat-free.Vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, beans, etc. usually go accompanied by pasta, these are a good source of fibre. The dairy products like cheese or meat which goes along with pasta provide protein.

Thus, pasta is a completely healthy dish even fit to eat if you are planning to lose weight. Either Baking or boiling method of cooking is used to cook pasta. Pastas are boiled to a stage called al dente which in Italian mean, to the tooth meaning the pasta should be firm to bite. Pasta can be consumed as the appetiser course in the form of pasta salad, toasted ravioli, etc. or in the main course like turkey bolognese, penne alfredo, etc. , it can even go as dessert for e.g. chocolate lasagna, cannoli pasta bites, etc.

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Rahul Bist 
Aspiring Gourmet Chef- IHM Chennai. He loves cooking, traveling and watching shows.