Pench Tree Lodge and Waghoba Eco Lodge by Pugdundee Safaris Shine Bright at ICRT India Awards 2023


Pugdundee Safaris has long been committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices and fostering conservation efforts across its diverse portfolio of wildlife lodges in India

Madhya Pradesh, 30th September, 2023: Pugdundee Safaris is elated to announce that its exceptional properties, Pench Tree Lodge and Waghoba Eco Lodge, have been recognized and celebrated in the categories of Nature Positive Tourism and Addressing Climate Change at the esteemed ICRT India Awards 2023. These accolades underscore Pugdundee Safaris’ dedication to sustainable practices that prioritize both nature conservation and climate resilience.

The ICRT India Awards, hosted annually by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), are regarded as a prestigious platform that acknowledges trailblazers in sustainable tourism practices across India. Pench Tree Lodge and Waghoba Eco Lodge have not only met but exceeded the stringent criteria set forth, solidifying their positions as leaders in sustainable and climate-conscious tourism.

The two lodges were honored as follows:

Gold Award for Nature Positive Tourism: Pench Tree Lodge was the recipient of the Gold Award in the Nature Positive Tourism category. This recognition is a testament to the lodge’s exceptional efforts in not only conserving the environment but actively contributing to its regeneration. Through reforestation initiatives, habitat restoration, and biodiversity conservation programs, Pench Tree Lodge has demonstrated a profound commitment to leaving a positive impact on nature.

Silver Award for Addressing Climate Change: Waghoba Eco Lodge was presented with the Silver Award for its outstanding dedication to addressing climate change. The lodge has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint through

sustainable practices, renewable energy adoption, and responsible waste management. Waghoba Eco Lodge showcases how the hospitality industry can play a vital role in mitigating climate change while delivering memorable guest experiences.

Manav Khanduja, Director, Pugdundee Safaris, expressed his delight at the accolades, saying, “We are immensely proud of Pench Tree Lodge and Waghoba Eco Lodge for their remarkable achievements at the ICRT India Awards for the second consecutive year. These awards reflect our deep-rooted commitment to sustainable tourism practices and our determination to lead the way in preserving our planet’s natural beauty whilst enhancing guest experiences.”

These accolades further solidify Pugdundee Safaris’ position as a leading advocate for responsible tourism in India. The company remains dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for both the environment and local communities while offering guests exceptional wildlife and nature experiences.