Phab: Your anytime, anywhere snack superstars


Mumbai, August xx: In today’s fast-paced world where we all want to eat better but without disappointing our taste buds, and where most of us are protein deficient, Phab emerges as the ultimate uncomplicated ally on your journey to a better life.

Phab yummies are packed with protein, have no artificial sweeteners, no trans fats, no GMOs… basically, no nasties and no BS! Their range of nutrition bars, protein milkshakes, energy and protein bombs are made to make your switch to a healthier lifestyle easy and fun, and help you get your everyday stash of #ProteinForYourRoutine.

Founded by Gayatri and Ankit Chona, Phab brings together their personal experiences and passion for crafting nutritious yet tasty snacks. Gayatri, a certified nutritionist, has been instrumental in product ideation and development, ensuring that phab’s offerings meet high standards of quality and nutrition. Ankit, a serial entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience in the food industry, was inspired to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle, overcoming weight and health concerns since childhood.

Did you know that:

Almost 80% of the Indian population doesn’t meet its daily protein requirements.

Over 90% of pregnant/lactating women are unaware of their ideal protein needs.

About 71% of Indians have poor muscle mass and health.

“When I read these shocking stats, I realised that India has a vast protein deficiency,” “Our mission is to make protein accessible for all but also make healthy eating delicious and fun. I believe in taking small steps to create big changes in life. With Phab, you can make that easy switch to healthier living — anytime, anywhere.”

co-founder and nutritionist Gayatri Chona

Take a peek into the Phabulous lineup of products they offer: Phab’s Protein Milkshakes are their absolute bestsellers, with new flavours like mango and vanilla almond joining the sensations. Their Protein Bars have taste and nutrition packed into one perfect bar that gives you high-quality, easily digestible protein you need for your routine, whereas their Energy Bars give you the best kinda snacking without the slacking. Their flavours like Chocolate Brownie, Strawberries & Greek Yogurt, and Mocha Nut Fudge add to the yum quotient. Their latest launch is a range of high-energy Granola Bars infused with the power of rolled oats and sweetened with Arabic date paste, lying in that sweet spot between crunchy and gooey. Their Protein and Energy Bombs are chota packet, bada dhamaka! Their Protein Powders are for those looking to supplement their workouts and need the extra boost to build and repair muscle.

What sets Phab apart is their unwavering commitment to taste and nutritional value. While many “healthy” snacks in the market are laden with artificial and excess sugar and lack essential nutrients and fibre, Phab carefully handpicks premium ingredients and works with food scientists, nutritionists and foodies to create something deliciously good. They work with Indian farmers to source desi superfoods like jowar and ragi for their products. Their gut-loving range contains prebiotics that are special plant fibres that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut.

Phab is available at pocket-friendly prices on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata 1mg, and Bigbasket, and retail chains like Reliance Smart, Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, 24Seven, Wellness Forever, Noble Chemist, and many more.

Ankit Chona, the co-founder of Phab, says, “With Phab, our mission is to make healthy snacking accessible to everyone, and I am thrilled about the positive impact we are making in people’s lives!”

About Phab:

Founded by Gayatri and Ankit Chona, phab believes you shouldn’t have to choose between tasty and healthy. Their nutritionist-approved snacks and shakes prove you can have the best of both worlds. With a commitment to taste, quality ingredients, and affordability, Phab helps you make that easy switch to a deliciously healthy life and ensures you get your necessary daily fix of #ProteinForYourRoutine.