Plant themed Black Forest Sundae by Chef Shantanu Gupte X World Environment Day on 5th June 2021



Chef Shantanu’sinspiration for this recipe goes back to 2010 when3 Michelin star – Chef Heston Blumenthal from London made this. This is Chef Shatanu’s own version of the same dessert which is made with layers of whipped cream, sponge crumb & cherries.


150 ml whipping cream
75 gm cherries(de-seeded)150 gm Chocolate sponge
75 ml Sugar syrup
Flowers & plant stems of your choice

1. Beat the cream to soft peak consistency with an electric beater or whisk over an ice
2. Hand crumble the sponge to a fine crumble (till it starts looking like soil
3. Chop the cherries
4. Now layer the pot 1st with a sponge crumb till 1/4th of the pot height. Sprinkle it with sugar syrup
5. Pipe in whipped cream till 1 Inch in height. Further, top it with a layer of chopped cherries & chocolate flakes
6.Top it up with the crumble & then plant the flowers & leaves on top to look like an ornamental flower plant
Tip to serve: Surprise your guest with this amazing recipe, serve chilledPlease find attached hi-res images of Blackforest in a Plant dessert by Chef Shantanu Gupte | TV Celeb Chef Anchor, Founder of Shiifu and Chef Shan Cakes on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2021.