Industry’s opinion on National Tourism day


 Mr Vineet Verma, ED & CEO Brigade Hospitality 

COVID 19 has indeed changed the face of Tourism across the world. While bringing the entire sector to its knees in the wake of its first wave, it has also taught us a few invaluable lessons on the way. While International Tourism has suffered and may take some time before we see some recovery, the positive aspect has been the sudden spurt in domestic tourism post the first wave and before the Omicron impact that has dealt a fresh blow. We witnessed historically high numbers in most leisure destinations and this augured well for the sector. These difficult times have also shown us the huge potential that domestic tourism has and that was hitherto grossly under-promoted. Having said that, let us also be aware of the  inevitability of domestic tourism numbers tapering as soon as International travel opens up and popular destinations worldwide start accepting visitors. It is important at the same time that we try and prevent a large scale shift in this direction. Therefore on this National Tourism Day, let us resolve that all stakeholders including the Government will work towards creating an environment and infrastructure that ensures sustained public interest and growth in domestic tourism.

Mr. Puneet Sharma General Manager  Holiday Inn Amritsar

Tourism is the major economic activity that has developed in a significant place over thousands of years. It is the only way by which it is possible to describe the illustrious background of the country and help in boosting the economy. Though, the story of tourism in India has changed vastly since 2020, the Pandemic has seen to it that people are willing to take a break from there monotonous routine’s to ensure they travel. Everyone needs a good vacation, a good leisure or family time, and no virtual platform can replicate that.

So we strongly believe that the hospitality industry will bounce back with greater impact globally. The Industry has seen all dark shades and is coping up with innovative ideas of cost and power saving, Multitasking and many more. The hospitality industry is now more agile and innovative. We have moulded ourselves as per traveller’s need. Everyone in this world wants to travel and is looking for inimitable experiences and we strongly believe that the future of hotels is very bright as people will never get over of travelling and exploring new places and food.

Amritsar is the cultural and religious hub of Punjab. Throughout its history it has made significant contributions to Punjab’s literary and cultural heritages. Being home to Akal Takht, Sikhism’s ultimate seat of religious authority, a trip to Amritsar is no less than a

pilgrimage for Sikhs from all over the world. Coming to Amritsar, It is not only famous for Golden Temple but also the holy city is culturally rich. The street foods like Amritsari Macchi, Amritsari Malai Chaap, Chole Kulche has its own essence which will never stop attracting people from all over India. It also enhances experience of tourist’s with the warmth in Hospitality we provide.