Rancelab- One stop solution for Restaurant software.


Operating a restaurant requires a range of administrative, management and marketing skills. How do you ensure that POS Software provides them with all?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- A restaurant, unlike any other businesses, involves multiple functions and operations that need to be taken care of on a timely basis, from billing customers and providing them with the best services to looking after the backend process, maintaining food costing and ensuring consistent quality in their products, staffing etc. Much more than a POS, RanceLab® FusionERP is end-to-end software that connects all the business processes of a restaurant such as inventory management, costing, finance, customer loyalty, supply chain, payroll, business insights and chain outlet management.  The super fast POS integrated with all other business processes provides them with valuable business insights that facilitate better marketing decisions resulting in higher revenues.

With the increase in competition in the area of restaurants business, how does the software of RanceLab helps restaurant enhance their services?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- With the evolving society and growing consumer needs and demands, the restaurant industry needs to constantly innovate themselves in order to delight their customers. RanceLab® understand these needs and desires of the modern-day consumers and helps restaurateurs in keeping pace with the progressive generation by providing them with a comprehensive solution equipped with advanced technologies that ensure timely deliverables of products, smooth operations and promotes faster and better service which also increases the overall efficiency of the restaurant. It provides valuable data to the business owners about their customers that help them gain a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of their customers which in turn helps them in serving their customers better.

How helpful is your CRM software for restaurants, and how does it help to improve their services?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- RanceLab® FusionERP provides an all in one solution to the F&B industry that simplifies and speeds up their business process which further encourages better service and enhanced customer satisfaction. It’s advanced CRM module support business owners in attracting, engaging and retaining their customer base through finest loyalty programs that increase sales. It also includes all the relevant details of their customers like their contact information, family details, birthday and anniversary, their buying patterns, average ticket size, most preferred items and frequency to order that provides valuable knowledge about their target customers and enables restaurants to serve them better and create loyal customers by creating personalized messages and offers for them.

Sir, please tell us about the emerging trend and need for such software in the hospitality industry

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Mr Navin Ladha:- Today’s industry demands innovation along with persistence and consistency. Restaurant owners need to constantly reinvent their business model in order to appease modern-day consumers while being consistent in their product quality and service. This increases the need for all-inclusive software armed with latest technologies that would grant valuable data and allow real-time decision making resulting in improved marketing activities with time as well as guarantee consistent quality of food and service thereby ensuring remarkable business. FusionERP not only makes day to day operations and storing data easier but gives business owners complete control over their business and provides them with valuable reports that help in better analysis of business performance and facilitates better planning.

Your advanced resto tools make the day to day operations easier. How?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- As a business grows, the workload increases, the number of daily transactions, the volume of inventory and area of business all increases making it difficult to manage multiple operations while simultaneously recording and analyzing huge quantity of data. To overcome this challenge FusionERP provides dynamic tools that streamline their business, reduces human effort and increases the efficiency of their workforce. It allows users to enter bulk data of products, create price lists, generate sales and purchase orders which helps in saving time, provides accurate data and makes operations easier.

How your product is beneficial in aligning the schemes and promotions of the company?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- Schemes and Promotions are quick ways to generate immediate revenue for any business. For a restaurant business specifically, it creates wonders and provides innumerable benefits and helps achieve the desired sale which is otherwise difficult to obtain from other forms of marketing communications. It is one of the best methods to increase footfall at the restaurant, promote new products or outlets and increase brand awareness. FusionERP offers a variety of schemes and promotions features that can be customized according to the wants of the owners that will fulfil their business needs. It allows them to run various schemes and offers like buy 1 get 1 offer, combo offers, coupons, and product discounts etc. that helps restaurateurs in attracting more customers, engaging them with the product and the brand and creating more number of loyal customers.

Data is the ‘New Oil’, stated by our Prime Minister. How your product will help in using the data in the most accurate way?

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Mr Navin Ladha:- There is no doubt that we live in a data-driven world and business owners today are developing strategies and planning their work process while progressing towards a digital world. Big data is changing the way the restaurant industry works today. Restaurateurs are using data-driven analytics like analyzing and implementing strategies based on data-driven customer demographics to maintain market share and grow new customers which also helps in consolidating their position in the market.

FusionERP supports business owners in their growth and prosperity by providing them with various tools and features for organizing and analyzing data. It helps them in summarizing large amounts of information and represents them in register and tabulated forms which help them in creating and viewing various financial, statistical and stock reports that helps them in seamlessly evaluating trends and understanding patterns. It also facilitates data-driven dining through inbuilt AI tools, enhances customer experience using machine learning and get better KPI metrics using business intelligence reporting.