Recipes from Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay



Dish: Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal


Ingredient Qty

Chicken 180 gms

Butter 30 gms

Garlic 10 gms

Green Chilli 5 gms

Black Pepper 1 tsp

Salt To taste

Besan flour 5-6 gms

Amul cheese 20 gms

Egg 1nos


Cook chicken in butter & garlic with green chili & Black pepper. Add salt & besan flour. Put in sheekh & cook for 3 min. Separately mix egg & Amul cheese{Grated}. Put a layer on the chicken and cook in a tandoor till egg & cheese are properly done. Serve with mint and peanut chutney along with spring mix.

Dish: Plank Grilled Bourbon & Honey Salmon, Seasonal Vegetables


Ingredient Qty

Salmon 220 gms

Honey 1 tblsp

Salt and Pepper To taste

Olive oil 1 tsp

Bourbon Whiskey

(For flambe) 30 ml


Vegetables 80 gms

celery Salt 1/2 Tsp

Buttermilk Fluid 50 ml

Vetiver 20 gms


For Buttermilk Fluid: Take 60 ml Buttermilk add a pinch of xantana & Kappa. Then add a pinch of salt and Pepper for seasoning. Blend Together. Serve along with Salmon.

For Salmon: Marinate the salmon with honey, salt and Pepper. Keep it aside and arrange it on top of stones with roasted vegetables. Sprinkle celery salt on the salmon and cook it in front of the guest with blowtorch and flambé it with bourbon whiskey. Serve along with the Buttermilk Fluid or lemon butter sauce.

Dish: Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat


Ingredient Qty

Sweet Potato 100 gms

chopped onion 50 gms

Chopped tomato 50 gms

Chopped chilli 10 gms

Chopped coriander 5 gms

Tomato Sauce 2 Tblsp

Mint Sauce 2 Tblsp

Salt To taste

Chaat Masala 2 Tsp


1. Boil the sweet potato. Peel and dice it. Coat it with salt, Red chilli powder & Cornflour.

2. Separately in bowl, mix chopped onion, tomato, chilli, coriander. Add salt, chaat masala, Tomato sauce & Mint sauce.

3. Add deep fried and diced sweet potatoes. Now add these to the above chaat mixture. Serve with Mint and Peanut

4. Chutney along with spring mix

Dish: Tuscan Brick Chicken


Ingredient Qty

Chicken 300 gms

Sweet Paprika

Powder 50 gms

Dijon Mustard 1 tblsp

Worcestershire Sauce 2 Tsp

Teriyaki Sauce 5 Tsp

Dark Soy Sauce 2 Tsp

Fine Chopped Garlic 10 gms

Salt & Pepper To taste

Oregano 1 tsp

Capes 1/2 Tsp

Chilli Flakes 1 Tsp

Lemon Juice 10 ml

Oil 30 ml


Marinate the chicken with all the above ingredients and leave it overnight. Grill to perfection. Serve with Demi Glaze.