Relaunched M-Bar all set to revolutionize Kolkata’s F&B scene


The ‘The City of Joy’ has another reason to validate its sobriquet – the re-launch of the avant-garde M-Bar. It is where upscale eatery romances the best nightlife. Brought together by ‘serial entrepreneur’ Aditya Mehta and food lover Varun Mimani, the bar situated in the posh Park Street locality now adds a luxurious touch to Kolkata’s food & beverage industry. What will be offered here are dining, the bar and the dance floor that stay separate but in one place.

Since 7 years, M-Bar had charmed its patrons. In their newer avatar, it plans to replace the fine dining concept with fun dining that offers a sensory extravaganza. While the global cuisine contains ethically sourced ingredients, diners can experience the Insta-friendly edgy culinary delights. 

The delightful culinary explosion has the support of its bartending supremacy. The artistic single-stone bar with gold detailing offers everything, from crazy cocktails to fiery fireballs. There are whispers of gold dust in sparkling wine on the menu. Enjoy the experience with high-tech mood lighting never seen in the city before. 

Want to shake a leg? M-Bar provides rich ambient light stories and high tech audio equipment for the same. It is a consummate stage for every possible event, from live music and a mobile DJ console to stand up comedy and theatre. The best part about M-Bar becoming part of Kolkata is that it will offer curated nights into the city’s nightlife with an exclusive elite guest list coming for the Haute-themed party.

 “Playful, provocative and unpretentiously sexy, M-Bar is where haute cuisine meets a nightclub, where good taste on the palate marries great taste in music, where the nights get wilder and better as the clock ticks on and where the taste of a good time lingers long after you have rested your feet from a long night of tap.”

Aditya Mehta

“The concept revolves around a space which is ever-changing by combining form, dimension, position and connections. With real leather couches and velvet panelling in warm olives, wine and cayenne, it blends renaissance into the contemporary. It plays with texture, shape and colour that scream posh in every language.”

Varun Mimani

Kolkata’s party & food scene will change with M-Bar going beyond the idea of chilling and offering a space for exotic & exclusive food & drinks while trying to shake a leg.