Samosa Singh ropes in Sunil Grover to launch their first ad film


The film highlights the brand’s delicious samosas in a humorous and lighthearted approach

National, 12th February 2024: Samosa Singh, a pioneer of the Indian Snacking Industry, is excited to announce the launch of its first advertisement film, which stars the incredibly brilliant Indian actor and comedian Sunil Grover. The film captures the spirit of delectable samosas via a light-hearted, and funny narrative.

The one-minute commercial highlights Sunil Grover’s great comic timing and pleasant attitude, which aligns with the commitment of Samosa Singh to produce high-quality delicious samosas. The film showcases the thrill and excitement that is accompanied by the nostalgia of childhood.

“This association is more than simply a marketing campaign; it’s a celebration of Samosa Singh’s joy, flavor, and originality in every bite. We feel that this collaboration would not only make the audience laugh but also leave a lasting taste and impression, underlining Samosa Singh’s dedication to offer delight with crispy, savory samosa” added Shikar Singh, Founder, Samosa Singh.

Nidhi Singh, Co-founder, Samosa Singh, said “We are excited to release our first ad film, and having the versatile Sunil Grover on board makes it more special. His wit and charisma perfectly complement the ethos of our brand, and we feel this partnership will appeal to our target audience.”

With every passing year, Samosa Singh has always been at the forefront of creating unique and delicious samosa experiences, and their recent collaboration with Sunil Grover demonstrates their dedication to providing not only amazing cuisine but also an enjoyable adventure for their potential and existing customers.

About Samosa Singh:-

Samosa Singh’s family set out to reclaim the rightful place of the samosa in the story of Indian snacks. Rebranded for the modern age, Samosa Singh (WoknStove Foodworks Pvt. ltd.) adopted the Samosa, investing almost 1,00,000 plus man-hours of R&D to give it a unique triangle interlocking shape, making it less oily and lighter. A gourmet avatar with proprietary technology allows it to stay crispy for a longer duration. The rebirth of the samosa as Samosa Singh is a story of innovation, aspiration, and finally, of the love for legacy. It is the perfect marriage between great business acumen and the myriad regional sensibilities of this nation, all wrapped up in the simple folds of a samosa.