Saviour Saby


Hospitality Lexis showcases Chef Saby’s masterpieces

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition December 2019

From next time whenever you want to greet your valuable guests just remember one name Pop up Magician Chef Saby.Youth icon of the chef’s fraternity, celebrity chef and restaurateur Sabyasachi Gorai is the personality whom you can find in every high profile events and gatherings. He has a wide and global range of pop up menus for various private and limited pax events. Chef Saby’s culinary essence has been experienced by the top notches of the country. In various auspicious moments of our life, we got engaged in the kitchen to serve the best to the guest. Chef Saby is expertise in serving the personalized delicacy to the guests and even he curates the specialized menu according to the guests.

Whether you want to delight your guests with local and real essence or surprise them with the finest truffles, pop up specialist chef Saby has everything to amuse your guests with the genuine and authentic culinary experience. Chef’s organic achar, Brulee of organic grain from Bangladesh and Sunderbans palm jaggery porridge is among the recipes which are highly appreciated by the chief personalities at various events.

His pop up masterpieces are :

Local winter saag and ragi pancake with cream cheese yogurt.

Farm Egg white Spanish omelet with olives and Seasonal water chestnut duet

Cranberry khaman dhokla with naga tangerine chutney.

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