Seoul’s Pure and Refreshing Korean Ginseng Tea


National Food and Beverage, a leading FMCG importer of Japanese and Korean foods has launched its Ginseng Tea under its brand name, Seoul. Seoul’s GinsengTeais pure, herbal and refined produce that instates the goodness of the Korean Herbs. This tea is purely natural produce which has been launched for people to stay healthy and fit. 

This Ginseng Tea is congruous for all those who want to boost energy levels and stay energetic, lively and zealous throughout the day.

The Ginseng Tea has been formulated with the true benefits of natural and pure Korean Ginseng that works on boosting the immune system of the person as it flushes out toxins from the body and absorbs its natural goodness. It even battles unnecessary fatigue in the body while ensuring that the person stays energetic and active throughout the day.

Adding to this, controls blood sugar and relieves respiratory and digestion problems. The Seoul Ginseng Tea must be consumed with hot water that leaves visible results on the whole body as they boost the energy levels and even positively affect the functioning of the brain. This tea brings in a positive change in their health, greater levels of concentration and even works on improving the quality of sleep.

The Seoul Ginseng Tea comes in a golden and red packaging that is very inviting. The packaging is available in 50 sachets of 30grams each and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.