Serve it with Class, Style and Elegance


HospiBuz Desk

“You eat with your eyes first”

Everybody remembers that pretty dinner or that newly designed brunch. The food that is beautifully served is always remembered by us. Plating is an art. The food is soothing to the eyes first, and then to the tongue. How one plates the meal involves the precise balance of creativity, strategy and the cleanliness. The plate is the canvas and the food is the paint. The right texture, quantity and thoughts, can make any dish a win-win.

There is no such rule to what is called “correct plating”, we bring you some key points to remember while plating your delicious food.

Choose the correct plate: The size, shape and colour have a great impact on the overall appearance of the dish. The size and colour of the plate matters also. White is a popular color when it comes to food decor, but others texture can also turn out to be a hit, depending upon the texture and quantity of food.

The right tools to plate: Different bottles, spoons, folks, spray guns, molds etc. all can be used. The trick is that one should know where to stop. With right precision and accurate technique, one can create magic on their platters.

Cleanliness Check: The plate should be served clean with absolutely no chunks of food or dribbles of the sauce. This can distract the customer from the focal point, leading to the loss of interest in the food.

Concentrate on the focal point: Decide the centre point of your dish. The main attraction of the dish should be unforgettably highlighted. The accompanying elements such as the salads, sauce etc. should be the supporting cast.

Garnishing on point: All the garnishes on the plate should be edibles and of some purpose. It’s better to play safe with the garnishing. You should prefer not to garnish unless mentioned in the dish. Garnish should not create cohesion with the dish.

A clock in the mind: Initiate the plating of ingredients, with the diner’s point of view. Protein should be placed around 2, carbohydrates at 10 and vegetables 3 to 9.

No overcrowding: Just assure to never overcrowd the canvas. The plate should be simple, classy and easy to handle.

Creative plating enhances the look and taste of the food. Focusing on the presentation provides the chefs to showcase their creativity and presentation skills at a major coverage. Good presentation directly increases the urge to consume the food and satisfies the appetite to the fullest.