Seta at The Hilton Bangalore Accoladed with People’s Choice for ‘Most Romantic Restaurant 2023’ by Eazy Diner


Bangalore, June 2023: Seta, located in Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golf Links, has triumphed as the recipient of the people’s choice awards for ‘The Most Romantic Restaurant for the Year 2023’ accolade by the esteemed EazyDiner Foodie Awards. It served as a captivating platform to honor a medley of excellency from the culinary and hospitality industries.

At Seta, their dining experience embraces the concept of ‘Izakaya’ style, where shared tables foster a warm atmosphere, perfect for socializing and savoring every moment. The captivating poolside al fresco dining of Seta further enhances the romantic tone of the venue, immersing you in a setting where love and tranquility intertwine. As the gentle drizzles of the monsoon season gracefully descend around you, Seta comes alive with a candle-lit ambiance, cocooning you in an atmosphere of refined dining. Each moment spent at Seta becomes a treasured memory, as the unique blend of poolside dining, Izakaya-style connection, and captivating aesthetics create an unforgettable experience.

“We are humbled and honored to receive this award. It is a mark of the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of our team. We have always aimed to serve our guests with the best services possible, and it warms our hearts to witness the faith and trust that they have put in us. We want to make sure that we leave a long-lasting experience for our guests that lingers in the hearts of those who trust us with their dining experience.”

Tejus Jose, General Manager, Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golf Links Ministry of Food

Embarking on a multi-sensory journey, Seta serves a fusion of culinary artistry and a curated lifestyle atmosphere harmonized to create an unparalleled feast for the soul.