Smoor Hot Cross Buns



  1. 200g Raisins
  2. 900g Flour
  3. 100g Orange zest
  4. 15g Spices (Cinnamon, Star Anise & Allspice)
  5. 50g Butter unsalted
  6. 50g Sugar
  7. 250g Milk
  8. 25g Yeast
  9. 5g Salt


  1.  Dissolve yeast in luke warm milk.
  2. Add 800g sieved flour with sugar, spices, salt and orange zest
  3. Mix in a slow speed for 5 minutes
  4. Add the raisins.
  5. Add the melted butter slowly and mix it in high speed for 7 minutes to prepare a smooth dough.
  6. Measure a round ball of dough for each bun – measure at 40 grams each on a kitchen scale.  and set aside for proofing.
  7. Mix the balance 100g flour with enough water to get a thick paste for piping consistency. Pipe the mix in a piping bag and make a cross on top of the bun,
  8. Bake it at 200 deg C for 25 minutes.