Snake Boat Is Ready To Sail in Thames…


HospiBuz Desk

We might very soon be able to see a Kerala’s very famous snake boat race in Thames River, London, England. Chundan Vallam (Known in Kerala) is name of snake boat and outside it is named as Kerala Snake Boat, are one of the major icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali boat race occurs in Kerela on the occasion of Onam every year.  Kerala is very much famous for its palm-lined beaches, food, nature, snake boat race and spices. The British Council has showed interest in giving a big stage to Indian state of Kerala to show its culture and art in the annual Thames River festival in London, England.

Recently, A British delegation of tourism officials had a meeting with the UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) representatives in New Delhi.

Kerala Tourism Director P. Bala Kiran said: “The British delegation of tourism officials has forward this proposal, which has been taken into consideration.”

The highest number of foreign visitor’s arrival in Kerala was from the United Kingdom last year.

P. Bala Kiran also said, “The British council is interested in organizing similar events in Indian state of Kerala and they are also interested in events that can easily showcase the Kerala’s art and culture at the very famous museums of United Kingdom.”